How to hydro dip shoes with spray paint

In this guide, we will spray paint hydro dip shoe step by step I will also teach you so that you don’t make any fuss during the process.

This guide is especially for those newcomers who are new and don’t know how to do this job properly with satisfactory results.

spray painting shoes and hydro dip

Today we’re gonna show you how to hydro-dip your sneakers! It’s super easy and it looks amazing. This is a really handy thing to know for shoes that are getting old, faded, or beat up.

Or if you just prefer a fun new look for a pair of your favorite kicks.

Hydro-dipping sounds like an advanced process that requires equipment like that used by car detailers, but it doesn’t have to be so involved.

At home, if you’ve got the right equipment, it can be done in about an hour and is quite easy to do provided you stick to the steps below.

Why Hydro Dip Shoes?

Since many of us don’t wear our sneakers every day, sometimes they become a bit too worn in. Maybe you started wearing them when they were brand new, but now they need to be refreshed.

The process of reconditioning your shoes can be fun and easy to do at home if you purchase the correct supplies and put some time into preparing your shoes. You’ll only need about 4 hours on a weekend to do so.

Hydro Dipping Shoes can create some awesome custom designs — no two pairs of Hydro Dipped Shoes ever look the same!

You can burn or dip your shoes in different ways to be extra creative; even in different patterns and with various materials.

Your custom-looking Hydro Dipped Shoes will have an individual design that will be yours forever (or at least as long as they last).

Methods for Hydro Dipping Shoes

While both methods are very similar, they do have their differences. In the spray paint technique, you can go down to your local hardware store and purchase all the supplies required for this method.

Including the spray paint. With a good amount of work, some practice, and creativity this is definitely a great option.

Hydro film transfer is a great way to get just the look you want without doing anything more than bringing your written page out of your pdf converter onto your vinyl material.

Some businesses supply the hydro material, but it’s also available at stores too that can be printed off with a home printer.

However, if you’re looking for pre-designed prints from stores like Ink & Teardrops, then search no further than this company! They have all sorts of things to pimp out your car or truck with.

Tools you need to make hydro dip shoes

Here are some tools which you will need to complete the process of spray-painting hydro dip shoes. Buy those which you don’t have for better results.

  • Water
  • Acrylic spray paint
  • Gloves for protection of hands
  • Plastic container for collecting remaining
  • Silicone or metal stick
  • Masking/painter’s tape for covering those surfaces which need to be protected
  • Plastic bags for protection of the inside of shoes

Start the process

When choosing the shoes, you’re going to paint, it’s generally easier if you use white shoes as the paint is most noticeable on these and can make for a stronger result.

You can always use other shoe colors, but the effect will be somewhat diminished. You may choose to dip both fabric and PU materials; however, sandals do not work very well because water is absorbed by their soles.

It might be best to avoid this type of footwear due to its hydrophobic nature. In general, it’s usually a good idea to remove the laces from your shoes before painting them so they’ll dry more quickly.

If you’re using the spray method detailed later in this blog post, you may want to tape up any areas that you don’t want to be painted beforehand to avoid a mess.

Of course, there’s no need to save all your worn-out, fashionable heels just for decoration…

A good way to tell above-average containers apart is to do a squeeze test. Give each one of your candidates a big hug, and if they make an impression on you, they are likely to last in the long run.

Choosing containers made from glass is a great way to go, and it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank either, as there are plenty that can be hand-washed in the sink without any major problem at all.

If you want to dry off your paint spray cans afterward, feel free to use some newspaper or kitchen paper towels.

All you need after using media spray paint is just a water rinse and some elbow grease with soap and water for washing your hands-free of any dirt marks later on.

Remember that never wash plastic plants outside or leave them near open windows even if it is hot!

spray painting shoes with hydro dipping

It’s important to choose two or three colors that work well together and get your supplies ready. But make sure you go outside or do this in a very well-ventilated indoor space if at all possible.

Because the spray can cause staining and other problems on surfaces over time, even on benign paints like watercolors.

Whether outdoors or indoors though, wear a respirator mask while you’re doing this just to protect yourself from any harmful fumes because spray paint is really not good for you to breathe in at all.

Spray each color one after the other in quick succession directly into the water till it creates concentric rings of alternate colors.

Where each successive layer fanning out from the center cover up the previous one creating rings of white alternating with concentric rings of color equally spaced about ½” apart radiating outward from the center on top of the white disk.

Hydrographic Film method

We suggest trying out our alternative method of hydrographic film first which costs a little more money while still being very effective.

This is an ideal method for anyone who wants to get stickers with their own custom-designed and selected designs as you can opt to purchase pre-made films and/or design your own customized style.

The hydrographic film should be laid down carefully, first on the water and then using an activator spray evenly. This will dissolve the film and gently activate the binding agents between both surfaces.

When it comes time to apply your decal to the shoe, begin by dipping the tip of your shoe in warm water until it is moist.

Then, holding the shoe over a bowl or sink, gently dip each corner into the water before pulling off those now-damp parts of the backing paper you used earlier until only the decal remains on the backing.

Now start dripping

Now that you have your shoes ready, dip them into the water as slowly and gently as possible so as not to disturb the paint.

After dipping your first shoe, try to apply more of the same paint before putting it in the second shoe. It’s ideal to allow most of the paint to drip off because applying too much can result in a messy pattern on your shoes.

Once you’ve dipped both shoes, let them dry overnight and store them somewhere safe where they won’t be accidentally touched or disturbed while they’re drying out.

In case any of the residual color dries on your fingers, dab some nail polish remover onto it so it doesn’t smudge onto the shoe once you remove everything else on top of it!

Once dry and completely clean, start by removing all tapes and stuffing used earlier beforehand.

Although you don’t necessarily have to protect your fabric shoe with spray, it is still possible. However, its protection abilities are typically nowhere near that of leather or suede.

By using a polyurethane spray on your new hydro-dipped shoes, you can give them some extra longevity and make it easier for them to be easily maintained.

Your newly hydro-dipped shoes shouldn’t just sit on the mantle or under a display case because like any other pair of great-looking shoes, they were made to be worn.

You can take these awesome-looking kicks out and show them off to everyone who will appreciate their hard work from you as well as from us.

Some common mistakes while spray painting hydro dipping

  • Waiting too long when sprayed paint and the paint will congeal if you don’t work on it soon
  • Painting at the wrong angle and painting at speed.
  • Don’t double-dip because it can make the design messy
  • Touching the paint before it is dried completely
  • Using very less spray paint


Yes and no.  Hydro dipping with spray paint is not a bad idea. This process is better known as a dye bath.  A dye bath is a mixture of water, dye and a solution to prepare the dye bath. This will prepare the surface of the object to receive the dye.  This is not just for shoes. It is also great for canvas and other fabric items.  You can also use spray paint to Hydro dip the shoes with a few simple steps.  The first step is to prepare the shoes to receive the dye.  Make sure the shoes are clean and dry.  The shoes should be completely dry so the paint will not peel.  Use a “non-removable” spray paint to prime the shoes.  Just spray the inside of the shoes.  The next step is to use a “removable” paint to spray the outside.  This will be the dye bath.  Make sure to wear a mask because the spray paint can be harmful to the lungs and skin.  Wait 24 hours then rinse off the shoes and let them dry.  Hydro dipping with spray paint is a great way to customize your shoes.

Yes! Activator is a very important part of the Hydro dipping process. It is what causes the coating to adhere to the surface. It is important to spray it on evenly and firmly. This will ensure the best results when it comes to your Hydro dipping. There is no need to cover the whole object in the solution, just apply it to the areas you want it to.

Hydro dipping is such a trendy way of giving your shoes a new look, but you can make them look new again by spraying them with shoe spray. Shoe spray is easy to order online, and I recommend the following brand: Dapper Dan. Shoe spray will restore the color to your shoes and also make them shine. Spray the shoes, and then wipe them dry with a soft cloth.

Yes, you can hydrodip your shoes twice, but you should avoid it as much as possible. The tires used for hydrodipping are not top-notch, and are not made for more than one dip. Also, the colored material is not thick, so the second time it will be less crisp and perfect looking


I have written this post so the newcomers don’t make any mistakes and get satisfactory results with this step-by-step guide.

If you find any confusing thing in this post then just comment down here and I will clear out that point.

There are two popular methods of hydro dipping shoes. The spray paint technique is easy and creates a mesmerizing whirl of color but the film transfers generally offer more design options. To do each, you’ll need shoes, a dipping container, water, and paint or transfer film.

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