How to paint airsoft gun

When you’re out in the field, there are a few things that you’ll need to make sure your firearm is camouflaged from your enemies.

A bold black weapon might attract too much attention and paint will help to remind your opponents which side they’re on.

Preparation of paint for airsoft gun

On that note, it’s time we teach you how to paint an Airsoft gun with no mistakes.

First of all, it’s best if you find an appropriate color that won’t chip off easily despite exposure to weather conditions and hard-leveled use.

After that, getting a high-quality sprayer is key so as to allow the paint to adhere perfectly.

And consistently to your weapon no matter what material or finish it might have at the moment.

Finally, we suggest that you select a pattern suitable for battle clothing because camouflage works best when it’s as realistic as possible.

How to paint airsoft gun

Best paints in the market for airsoft gun

When it comes to choosing the right color scheme, coyote brown and olive drab are popular choices.

Some Airsoft weapons have colors that shouldn’t change as they’re used since they may break in the middle of a game.

This is why it’s important to choose paints with durability in mind.

When you paint your weapon, make sure to use paints that can handle a good amount of heat or shock for the most realistic results.

I like the Olive Drab camouflage paint that Majic Paints offers. It can be used with metal and it provides a durable, rust-proof surface that can withstand the elements.

Having a matte, non-reflective finish means you won’t be giving your position away as sunlight bounces off of it. These were some paint used in the guide on how to paint your airsoft gun.

Paint sprayer which is optimal for airsoft gun

Now that we have chosen the paint for our airsoft gun which was also obligatory. Now we have to select the most suitable paint sprayer to paint our airsoft gun. 

Now that you’ve decided which color paint and coating to use on your Airsoft gun, you need to figure out the best sprayer for your needs.

While Airsoft guns aren’t skyscrapers, you don’t need a humongous paint sprayer to get the job done.

A smaller device will allow you to move around effortlessly and pay attention to those finishing touches.

When it comes to spray gun technology, high-volume, low-pressure units are ideal as they minimize overspray and therefore clean-up time.

These types of sprayers are also perfect for small projects since a unit that is turbine-driven is fantastic as it eliminates the need.

For an external compressor which you’re probably not au fait with unless you own other air-powered tools.

Paint sprayers which I personally like

I have tested these two which were popular in the market and got satisfactory results. So, I will suggest to you guys both of these sprayers which I observed.

The FLEXiO 3000 from Wagner is a high-performance paint sprayer that operates well with oil-based paints.

It comes with two different fluid nozzles, including the Detail Finish for detailed intricate work such as camo patterns on the Airsoft guns you’ve had your eye on.

It’s fully adjustable in terms of power and material adjustment. When you’re done for the day, store it neatly in a sturdy carry case and bring it along to your next paint project.

It was quite a good experience with the Wagner product now let’s jump into the next one which.

I tested for the other airsoft gun which was sent to me by one of my dear friends for painting.

Now, I’ll show you an airless and cordless Graco sprayer. But as with most things in life, rules are sometimes made to be broken.

This unusual sprayer is more compact than other airless sprayers and offers the ultimate in portability as the only thing.

What is needed for it to work is a power outlet (no power cable to pop out of place or get tangled up with).

It’s powered instead by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The FFLP spray nozzles can handle projects involving Plastic Dip.

These nozzles create a very fine mist that provides a smooth, even coating without sacrificing the looked.

Or quality of such a finish-like quality you would receive from HVLP if that is your preference for using sprays for your projects.

Selecting the pattern for the airsoft gun

You want your Airsoft gun paint to blend in, so a pattern used in the military is an obvious choice.

I suggest that you use – but not necessarily exclusively use – a non-conventional design so you don’t become a target.

If you’re playing airsoft in woodland areas where there are leaves and grass.

Selecting pattern for airsoft gun paint

An Optimal way to paint

Now that we’ve talked about all of the preliminaries, let’s move on to how we recommend you paint your Airsoft gun.

The reason I decided to do a blade of grass design is that it will help camouflage the gun against certain environments.

My tips to achieve the best results

There are some things that you should consider before painting. These things which I will recommend to you are solely from my experience.

Which I am sure will help you to achieve the best and most satisfactory results which you want after finishing on the project.

  • Choose two different colors for coating
  • A paint sprayer (I suggest you buy what I suggested earlier in this post)
  • Appropriate nozzle size
  • A barrel plug is also necessary
  • Old cardboard to test the sprayer before the actual project
  • Masking tape to protect the other surface
  • Old cloth or kitchen towels for cleaning and another purpose
  • Small leaves for adding some design element
  • Protect your own self with a face mask, goggles and with other stuff, etc

Preparing the workplace for painting

When painting your Airsoft gun – which, by the way, is a sport that’s highly popular among adults and children alike – you have a lot of choices to make.

For instance, some areas of your weapon might be of more practical use than others.

And could possibly hold up better when you actually go out in field conditions or even just during target training.

preparing the airsoft gun for paint job

You also must decide how you want the end result to look: would you prefer one big green camouflage pattern or perhaps smaller ones with different color combinations?

Don’t forget that choosing the right type (two-tone versus solid color) of paint is just as important if not more.

When cleaning your gun, make sure to remove all the dirt and grease first – it could seriously impair your weapon’s finish.

Set about washing and preparing your Airsoft gun. Make sure you get rid of the dirt and grime that could seriously mess up the looks of your weapon.

Cover the magazine opening with a kitchen towel and tape in place using masking seals to cover any other openings too (like on an M4). Seriously, try to make this look neat so it doesn’t take too long.

When setting up for painting or varnishing, find an area convenient to a power source that is well-ventilated and free from debris.

Laying down your groundsheet will help to prevent paint/varnish from soaking into the ground and causing uneven coats.

Positioning your gun centrally over the area you intend to paint or varnish is a good way to get uniform coverage as well.

But don’t go directly centered, put it 1-inch off-center and then put another can of paint/varnish right in front of the first one.

With its nozzle facing outward (away from your starting position) thereby creating a crosshair.

This method tends to soak up more paint/varnish than simply running the nozzle back and forth so adjust accordingly.

While wearing protective gear because you never know when some rogue eggshells may come flying at you out of nowhere, grab your gun, and begin painting.

Now comes the main part which is painting

Make sure you install the correct fluid tip onto your spray gun – it depends on whether you are using latex or oil-based paints.

Set the correct pressure depending on how many coats of paint you want to use for each part of your piece/project/item. Load up your sprayer with a base coat (usually painted white).

You’re in a competition and it’s your turn to get it done. Well, you don’t want to look like a chump so give the handle of your gun a quick wipe with your fingers.

Or if that isn’t up to scratch, use the rag that’s tucked neatly into your gear bag or a paper towel if you have nothing else on hand.

This isn’t supposed to be one of those full-monthly jobs that take hours upon hours of careful preparation and application; simply spray some paint on there and cover over what you can.

In fact, if you’re anything like me, you’ll only give it about two good coats, then wipe off any excess paint on the nozzle end with your thumb.

Saving yourself the hassle of an accident waiting to happen.

Provided that there’s anything left for you by this point (you were drawn at number 39 out of 50 after all), carry out the rest of your favorite team colors as per instruction!

Once the first side of your Airsoft gun has fully dried, you should flip it over and repeat the sponging process on the opposite side.

As this is going on, don’t forget to clean your paint sprayer because the next steps involve painting a different color for the top of your gun.

When your base layer is dry, adhere your leaves and grass to areas where you want to have a funky camouflage design.

And don’t forget to spray the paint on the model with help from this guide on how to use an airbrush.

It’s OK to take breaks, don’t get stressed by the process, and make sure your coats are dry before you apply the next.

This method will work on any desktop surface color and allow you to use it on a laptop too if it is of the same sheen.

Cleaning process

Clean your sprayer thoroughly according to the manufacturer’s user manual and make sure that it’s fully dry before storing it.

Once the paint is fully dry, remove all of the leaves and grass taped to your machine and dispose of them responsibly.

Next, peel off the masking tape and plastic sheeting you’ve put down to protect from paint splatters. And voila—you’re now the proud owner of a cool-looking Airsoft gun.

What kind of paint do you use on gun parts?

There are several types of paint that can be used on gun parts, including:

  1. Duracoat: This is a special type of paint that is specifically designed for use on firearms. It is very durable and resistant to chipping, scratching, and wear and tear.
  2. Model paint: Model paints are specifically designed for use on plastic models and can also be used on gun parts. These paints are very durable and resistant to chipping and scratching.
  3. Regular spray paint: Regular spray paint can be used on gun parts, but it may not be as durable as duracoat or model paint.

It’s important to note that you should only use paints that are specifically designed for use on firearms or metal surfaces.

Other types of paint may not adhere properly and could potentially cause damage to the firearm.

What paint is best for airsoft guns?

The best paint for airsoft guns is a special type of paint called “duracoat.” This paint is designed to withstand the high-velocity impact and wear and tear that airsoft guns are subjected to.

It is also very durable and resistant to chipping and scratching.

Other good options include model paints, which are specifically designed for use on plastic models and are also very durable.

You can also use regular spray paint, but be aware that it may not be as durable as duracoat or model paint.

Can I paint my revolver?

Yes, you can paint your revolver as long as you follow proper safety precautions and use a paint that is suitable for use on firearms. Here are a few things to consider before painting your revolver:

  • Disassemble the firearm: Before you start painting, you should disassemble the revolver as much as possible. This will allow you to paint all of the parts evenly and avoid getting paint on any moving parts.
  • Use a paint that is safe for use on firearms: You should only use paints that are specifically designed for use on firearms or metal surfaces. Other types of paint may not adhere properly and could potentially cause damage to the firearm.
  • Follow all safety precautions: When working with firearms, it is important to follow all safety precautions to avoid accidents. Make sure that the revolver is unloaded and that you follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions for disassembling and reassembling the firearm.
  • Be patient and take your time: Painting a revolver is a time-consuming process, so be patient and take your time. Make sure that you apply the paint evenly and allow it to dry completely before handling the firearm.

FAQ’s of How to paint airsoft gun

An airsoft gun is like a replica of a real gun and is used for play. Airsoft guns are very popular in the UK and other countries. You can use any type of paint you like on an airsoft gun. It should be tough enough to take a hit from a BB gun. It should be as flexible as possible.

It depends. For the most part, with a few exceptions, spray painting your airsoft gun is okay. Now if you are talking about spraying the receivers, this is particularly dangerous as it can cause a short. And since you are spraying paint, it’s highly likely for a foreign object or paint to get into your gun and cause problems. So if you are going to spray paint your receivers, either clean them before hand or cover off the safety lever and the trigger.

YES. We can paint airsoft pistol at airsoft arena. However, we need to distinguish airsoft guns from real guns. Airsoft guns are for fun and for games. Don’t take them seriously. If you take them seriously, it is illegal.

In the United States, spray painting a BB gun isn’t actually illegal, but still a bad idea. While you won’t get arrested for doing so, it’s still very likely that the police will take it away from you. In addition, even if they do let you keep it, the gun will be worth less than if you hadn’t spray painted it. That’s because the spray paint will wear off. So even though you can’t get arrested for spraying paint on a BB gun, it’s still not a good idea.

Conclusion on How to paint airsoft gun

The paint that you choose is important for a quality job. For the best results, you will want to choose acrylic paint.

The paint is available in several colors and is easily found at your local hardware store. We hope you have enjoyed this article on the most satisfactory way to paint an Airsoft gun.

Please leave a comment below and let me know if you have some tips from your experience. This was the comprehensive guide on how to paint your airsoft gun hope you liked it.

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