How long is spray paint good for

Today I have come up with the solution to confusion which is the expiration and long-lasting property of spray paints, which confuse the amateurs while using spray paints.

When they see that the production date of spray paint was very before now then they get jumbled and hesitate to use it.

spray paint expiration

Spray paint can still be used past its expiration date if you apply a little creativity. If you are determined to use the spray paint on your desired surface, shake the aerosol cans before use and test the product thoroughly before applying it.

Does the spray paint expire ever?

Yes, spray paints do expire. If the spray paint can is properly sealed, then it will last for a long time.

But if the can have been opened and left in the open air or in a warm area, then it will not last as long. The cans should be kept away from heat, sunlight, and moisture.

How you can tell if the spray paint is bad or not?

First, you’ll want to avoid using any spray paint that is expired or opened for a long period of time. Things like paint cans don’t have an expiration date.

But you can tell if the can has been opened for too long by looking at the spray paint inside. If the paint starts to separate, it’s bad.

You can tell that it’s expired if it feels different than it should to the touch. You can also tell that it’s expired if it doesn’t spray properly.

If the can has only been lightly shaken, it may not spray correctly. The paint might not spray evenly and the can will have difficulty in spraying.

Expired paint may not have dried correctly either. If you find that the paint is expired, toss it and throw away the spray paint can.

If it’s not expired, then you can determine if the spray paint is good by first shaking the can. Have a look at the methods to harden spray paint for your desired surface by following these ways.

Then you can shake the can upside down and give it a few light puffs. If the spray paint can’s nozzle is clogged, you’ll be able to tell after seeing the paint sprayed out. If the spray paint comes out evenly, then it’s good.

How Long Does Unopened Paint Stay Good?

If a can of paint has never been opened, it can be stored in its original position for years. Sometimes, a can of unused paint will develop a hard lid as a result of the solvents evaporating out.

This is not a problem and can be easily remedied by softening the lid of the can. You can put the lid in hot water or use a hairdryer to soften it. Once the lid is soft, you can use it again.

Can the spray paint be too old?

If the paint has already been sitting for a long time, it can be unusable. The nozzle may have clogged, the propellant might have evaporated.

The formula may have changed, or it may just not be as potent as when it was new.

There is no easy way to tell how long it’s been sitting, but try spraying some on a piece of paper to see if it works. If the nozzle sprays fine, you’re good to go.

How long is spray paint good for

Does the Rustoleum Spray Paint Expire or not?

Yes, they do. The shelf life of Rust-Oleum cans is dependent on the type of paint you have, so it is not possible to provide general shelf life for Rust-Oleum.

Each of our Rust-Oleum paints has its own shelf life, so it would be best to check the specification sheet for each product.

How long does spray paint last on street?

It all depends on how you are using the spray paint. If you spray paint your car and it has been parked under the sun say, a whole day.

The paint will be baked and the chemical reactions will be over. The dried paint will not react if it is not stirred up.

However, if you spray paint on the road, in 5 days the paint will be almost gone. Also, if you use enamel paint, it will last for a longer period. If you use acrylic paint, it will not last for more than two weeks.

What happens to expired spray paint?

Most (but not all) spray paints will expire. Paint is a chemical and once it is in a can, it will begin to react with the other chemicals in the paint.

This process is accelerated by heat, light, and time. Once the chemical reaction has started, nothing will reverse the process.

The paint will go from liquid to solid. The reaction is almost always predictable. If the paint still sprays, it’s probably fine to use. If not, then discard the can.

When should you throw out spray paint?

You should throw out your spray paint if it has lost its original color, if the nozzle doesn’t work anymore, or if you are running out of paint. 

It is important to throw out your spray paint before it becomes a safety issue.  While you can still use spray paint with rusting nozzles, you can’t use spray paint that has lost its original color as it may be a safety hazard.

Can we use expired aerosol paint?

Yes, we can use expired aerosols. But there is a catch… If you were to create an aerosol spray painting project, do not use the cans past their expiration dates. The propellants in aerosol paints and other products are what are actually dangerous.

As long as the propellants are not expired, the paint will remain viable for some time. The dates listed on the containers are typically one year or less from the date of manufacture.

When the propellant does expire it will leave the paint dried, cracked and unusable.

How Long Before Spray Paint Goes Bad?

Dependent on the type of paint, most cans can be stored for up to one year once they have been opened. However, the time limit can be significantly reduced by storing the paint in hot or cold places.

If the paint is stored in a hot garage, for example, the time limit before going bad is reduced to about six months. Also, don’t forget to clean the can after using it, as the paint tends to dry and crust up in there.

Is 5-Year-Old Unopened Paint Still Good?

It all depends on the temperature and humidity it has been stored in. If it has been stored in stable conditions, meaning temperature and humidity have been relatively low, then it should be fine.

Now, if it has been stored in higher temperatures or has been exposed to humidity, then it is more likely to be bad.

Typically, if it is under the temperature of 25ºC the quality should be good for several years. So, if it is kept in cool and dry conditions, it can be used.

However, if it is put in a nice environment, like a cool and dry attic, then it can keep for decades. And as they say, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

So, if it comes to it, at worst you can use it as a clean patch in cases of emergency. It might not look that pretty, but it will work.


You can’t see a expiration date on spray paint cans, but that doesn’t mean there’s no expiration date on. You can find the expiration dates of spray paint cans on the bottom or behind of the spray paint cans. The expiration dates on the spray paint cans are probably different from other expiration dates because their purity depends on the ingredients it uses.

If you are asking about the shelf life of a spray paint, I recommend you to check the paint label.  Most spray paints have shelf lives that range from 6 months to a few years.  When you are buying spray paints, always check the expiration date clearly printed on the label.  Once the spray paint is opened, the shelf life of the paint reduces.  That’s why it is recommended to use the spray paint as soon as possible after the can is opened.  For more information, you can visit the following website: How long does spray paint last once opened.

Spray paint will last outside unless the paint is applied on a surface that is exposed to extreme heat or sunlight. Make sure that you choose the right paint for the right surface and the right usage conditions.

As a general rule, you should discard any paint that has been opened for more than 6 months. The reason for this is that some paints can easily go bad after 6 months. They often have chemical additives in them, and this chemical reaction takes place very fast. The paint starts to smell or change color, or is no longer usable.

Final thoughts on How long is spray paint good for

Here it is, I have explained each and everything which confuses you, people, while spray painting your surfaces in this post.

Hope this helps the newcomers in this field who hesitate to use that spray can which has been there for a quite long time. You can comment down if you have any queries in your mind which I will answer as soon.

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