How to spray paint golf clubs

This guide will help you guys to spray paint golf clubs at home with satisfactory results without making any mess on the club surface.

Thus, in order to achieve the best results out of your work, it is necessary for the newbies to follow each step explained in this guide.

spray painting golf clubs

This guide is tested by me and my painter fellows who are also professionals and we analyzed the best results after following this guide.

When you hit the golf ball, it can remain on the club’s head for at least 5 seconds before it comes out.

During this time, the paint on your golf club head can wear out. What can you do to make the heads look new?

A simple and effective solution is to shine your club heads at home. You can easily paint them at home, and you will not have to take them to a professional and spend a lot of money.

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Materials needed to do the job

  • Degreasing agent (water-based).
  • Masking tape or painter’s tape.
  • Heavy-duty canvas drop cloth.
  • Etching primer.
  • A spray can, in case the primer doesn’t already come in a spray can.
  • Epoxy paint.
  • Paint remover/Acetone.
  • A small nail or anything with a sharp edge.

Remove old paint from golf clubs

First of all, you will have to fill the paint jar with warm water and let it sit for some time. Keep the jar in sunlight for that time.

In the meantime, use a steel brush to take out the excess paint. Then take the golf club out of the jar and use any kind of paint stripper.

Don’t forget to wear gloves and safety glasses to protect yourself from the chemicals.

After you have removed the paint, use a wire brush to remove rust and other particles. You can use a wire brush for both removing paint and rust.

Clean golf clubs

You will want to thoroughly clean the golf clubs before you spray paint them. The method of cleaning will vary based on the method of paint you are using.

Generally, you can use a power washer with water, or a paint remover for more thorough cleaning.

Sand the clubs

Before painting, you need to sand the surface of golf clubs, it keeps them smooth and shiny for a long time.

  1. Put an old towel on the surface, then assemble all of the golf clubs, and then apply masking tape around the end section so no paint will get into golf club holes.
  2. Sand the surface of the golf club with sandpaper, starting from the heel and the top.
  3. Do not be in a hurry to remove the masking tape, you need to make sure that the surface is fully sanded.
  4. You can sand the surface two or three times, or even more.

Apply primer to the surface

To apply primer on the golf club surface, first, you need to sand the surface to remove any dirt or oil.

By sanding the surface, you’ll be able to get rid of any blemishes that might be present. Then you can prime the surface.

You can use any primer for this purpose, but it must be designed for this use. If you don’t have any, get one from the shop. This will ensure that the design will last a long time.

Start spraying on golf clubs

Mix your paint with a little bit of paint thinner to make sure you don’t get it all over the place.

When you hold the can up to spray paint the golf club, don’t spray too hard or you’ll get a heavy coat of paint on it.

You should have a very light, even coat of paint on the club. Let your paint dry for at least 24 hours before you play with it.

paint golf clubs

Spray paint on golf clubs seems like a simple process, but if you do it wrong, you’ll probably have a messed-up golf club. Spray painting golf clubs are a popular way for people to customize their golf clubs. With all the different color golf clubs out there, spray painting your golf clubs is a good way to stand out.

Method to spray paint driver heads

Sand your driver head first and then prime it. Use a fine layer of primer to let the paint stick at all possible places and let it dry up before you apply another coat.

Polyurethane paints will help your golf driver’s heads last longer as in, forever longer!

Apply three layers of paint but wait for them to cure for a few hours; this means that you won’t be able to bake or drill the clubs until their layers have been thoroughly covered with dried-up polyurethane paint.

Don’t apply on thick coats or else an unsightly mess is what you’ll get.

Spray paint golf club shafts

First of all, there must be a primer to go over the shaft before you start painting.

Then there are two ways to spray paint the shaft, the first one is to use a spray gun and the second one is to use an airbrush.

The spray gun is usually used to paint the shaft because it gives the best coverage, and it is faster than using an airbrush.

A spray gun only takes about five minutes to cover the entire length of the shaft.

It is important to cover the parts you don’t want paint on, like the grip and the club head, with tape so that you don’t end up with an extra color on them.

To begin, take the handle and place it on a sheet of newspaper, leaving plenty of overhangs to paint.

Next, apply a thin coat of latex-based primer over the handle and let dry. Last, pick your favorite color and add thin coats to the entire piece until it is fully covered.

This will leave you with a smooth handle that is ready for use.

Method to paint golf club putter

As soon as the putter has completely dried after priming, use a toothpick to apply paint onto every part of it.

Dip the toothpick in an appropriate color of your choice and start dabbing it on parts of the putter until every bit is painted.

Applying an even layer of paint can cause bubbles or small lumps, so make sure to keep everything free of said imperfections with the help of a toothpick by breaking.

Or pushing any bubbles or lumps outside of your painting job onto the top away from your work area.

Once you’re satisfied that there are no bubbles left where they shouldn’t be and that all surfaces have been thoroughly covered you’ll need to let it cure for a while.

It’s best if you leave it alone after painting so that air doesn’t get trapped under thick layers.

When it’s cured, dip a Q-tip into some acetone and brush over any areas you’ve accidentally painted with nail polish not intended for plastic material.


Golf club paint is basically a protective coating for your golf clubs. It can help lower the wear and tear of your golf clubs and give your clubs a nice and shiny look. There are many types of golf club paint available in the market. The various types of paints include: epoxy coatings, rubber coatings, and metallic paint. Epoxy coatings are hard and they provide high durability. The golf shaft will appear shiny and the club looks new and clean. Rubber paint is the second choice of many golfers. It has high durability, it can resist wear and tear, and the club looks very nice. The metallic golf club paint gives a shiny look to your golf clubs. You can use any of the above-mentioned types of paint as per your requirements. You should also consult with your professional who can assist you in choosing the right paint.

Yes, you can paint your golf irons! Here’s how:  1) disassemble the golf iron completely; 2) sand the iron down to remove the paint and any rust;  3) clean the iron thoroughly;  4) paint the iron with a good quality lacquer based paint;  5) reassemble the golf iron.

Spray painting a golf wedge is a pretty simple project but not easy to do. First, you need to sand the surface of the wedge to remove the previous finish. Then soak the golf wedge in water for about an hour to get the surface damp. After that, you can sand the golf wedge with 320-GRIT sandpaper to roughen the surface and make it ready for the paint. You can use a primer or paint thinner to clean up the surface and make it free of oil. After applying the primer, you can use spray paint to spray the golf wedge with a light coat. Try to spray paint in a well-ventilated area. Wash the golf wedge with soap and water to remove the paint. The next step is finishing with a clear coat.

There are several ways to make your golf clubs shiny.  The best way to make your golf clubs shiny is by polishing it. It’s very easy.  All you have to do is to clean the golf club first and then rub the cloth across the club from top to bottom and side to side.  Rub really hard and you will see the club getting shinier.  If you can’t do it yourself, then you can always hire someone to do it. You can also keep your golf clubs shiny by keeping it in a dry place.  Don’t expose it to heat, humidity, or moisture.  Heat, humidity, and moisture can cause the golf club to rust.  If you want to keep your golf clubs shiny, then make sure that you never expose it to heat, humidity, or moisture.  You can also buy a polish to make it shiny.  There are many polishes available in the market that make your golf clubs shiny.  You can buy one from the store near you.

Final verdict on How to spray paint golf clubs

Here it is my painter fellas! The complete step-by-step guide will help you to achieve the best results out of your work and you will have a satisfactory look after following this completely easy to understanding guide.

To make sure you get the best results when you paint your golf club, including the golf club heads and shafts, you should follow these steps.

The whole process will take you no more than a couple of hours. You should have the right materials and tools to do the job right.

In addition, you should also have a nice, clean golf club for painting. And you should wear a mask to avoid inhaling any of the paint.

If you still have any confusion then do let me know in the comments section and I will reply to your query as soon as possible.

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