How to spray paint door knobs

If you want to spray paint door knobs then this guide will help you because I have written this guide in a step by step manner so that even an amateur could get the best results out of their work after completing the whole procedure. Follow each step-in order to save yourself from blunder and then later regret on that mistake which you did unknowingly.

Spray painted door knobs that last outlast the house is the latest trend in interior design! The benefits are immediate: a shiny, bright new look that’s far more sophisticated and substantial than what you can create with other painting techniques. 

spray paint door knob

Spray painting door knobs is a quick and easy way to give an otherwise plain door a whole new look.

Tools you need to paint door knobs

  • Spray paint
  • Sand paper
  • Primer
  • Gloves, glasses and face mask
  • Painters tape
  • Newspaper
  • Drop cloths

Clean the knobs

Since the door knobs are made of metal, the best way to clean them is with a little bit of paint thinner. You can also use some mineral spirits if that’s what you have. Just pour a little bit of the solvent into a bowl or cup and drop the knobs into it.

It should come right off. You can use a plastic scraper if the knobs is still stuck on. After you’ve cleaned off the knobs, you have to clean the threads on the backside.

You can use steel wool or a brush to do this, and you also want to clean off the backside of the door to make sure that nothing is sticking to it.

Sand the door knob

Sanding is the process of smoothing the surface of something, in this case door knob, for the purpose of making it smooth for the paint to stick or for ease of a paint brush to spread the paint evenly.

It is always advised to sand a door knob before painting because it’s a surface that requires accuracy, excellence and perfection. If it’s not well sanded, the paint will not be able to stick on well and it will also not cover the knob well.

spray paint door knob

Begin by gently moving the sanding block in circular motions around the knob. Don’t press too hard or else you’ll end up with bumps on your knob. It is always best to keep the sanding block at a 45-degree angle to the knob.

This ensures that you don’t take off too much of the knob’s material. The goal here is to get rid of the imperfections and not to change the shape of the knob.

Prime the door knobs

You should prime them with a couple of coats of general-purpose primer. Use painter’s tape and plastic to block the door from overspray.

Let it dry and then sand it lightly with sandpaper (around 300 grit). Put on a couple more coats of primer and let it dry again. This should give you a durable base to paint on.

Spraying paint process

Spraying for door knob is very straight forward. Go in a covered or protected area to spray your knob. You want to make sure you don’t get any overspray on anything else.

You can use the spray can instructions for how to spray and how much fluid to use. After spraying, wait for the paint to dry for about 20 minutes or so.


There are some good sprays on the market that will last longer than a standard coat of paint. If you are looking for high quality products, I would recommend Rust-Oleum, Krylon and Valspar. If you want high quality paint that will adhere to almost any surface you are trying to cover, then I would recommend investing in a high-quality spray paint. You can also get a kit that is specifically designed for painting door knobs.

Spray paint the door knob by inserting a piece of cardboard inside the door loop. This is to protect the finish on the door. The piece you use must be long enough to reach the opposite side of the door. Secure the cardboard with pliers so that it doesn’t move while you spray the doorknob. The piece of cardboard should have enough wiggle room to avoid coming off the door. Spray paint the doorknob between the cardboard and the door, leaving the knob itself untouched. Make sure you’re several feet away from the doorknob as you spray it so that you don’t accidentally paint the knob itself.

There are two main kinds of paint for door knob. Firstly, oil-based enamel which is the most durable type of paint. It can be removed later if the door knob is replaced. This can be used for expensive doors. Secondly, latex paint is a single coat paint which is recommended for doors which are rarely used.

Sure, you can spray paint brass door handles. Actually, most handle manufacturers suggest that you spray paint it. The first thing to know is that spray painting it, is going to dull the finish. For example, spray painting a brass handle can make it look like aluminum. This is why manufacturers suggest you spray paint it. You can use any spray paint for this, but I recommend using the lacquer spray paint. Any type of clear coat spray paint will work. Just spray it on, avoid spraying too much paint that it bubbles up. Now, let it sit for a few minutes; this will allow the paint to soak into the surface without dry-spots. Let it sit for a few hours, the paint should be dry by then, but it’s advisable to let it sit overnight just to be safe. After it has dried, you can rub out any wrinkles, or stiff spots. You can add some polishing wax and then buff it for a nice shine.


I’ve found that the most effective way to spray paint door knob is to use a spray paint booth. I spray painted the door knob for my laundry room a few weeks ago, and since then I’ve written a blog post about how to spray paint a door knob. If you have any questions regarding this post then feel free to comment down and I will make sure you gets satisfactory answer at first priority.

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