How to spray paint candles

Today I will teach you the complete method to spray paint candles at your home without making any mistakes. So, in order to achieve the best results, you should follow each step explained in this guide.

This guide is written from my own experience which I have gained through these years of painting and It will of course help you to achieve the satisfactory results you want after completing the process.

spray paint candle

Spray painting candles have become a popular trend amongst beginner candle makers. If you are interested in spray painting candles, you might want to use a method that is new to get a different look.

We always encourage experimentation, but here are some tips to get the most out of your candles.

Candles make up a unique part of human history. Over the years, candles have evolved from tallow candles to electric ones. However, no matter how they are made and what they are made of, they remain as one of the most used items in our homes.

While electric candles came into existence, to make candlelight more accessible, not many people switched. One of the main reasons for the reluctance of people to opt for the electric ones is the fact that the electric candles are not as attractive as the real ones.

That is the reason why candles remain one of the most preferred light sources. Let’s discuss the methods and teach you the complete method.

Prepare the candle for spray painting

First, you are going to want to take a lint-free cloth and crumble some rubbing alcohol over the surface of it. Next, wipe down the sides of your candle with the alcohol-drenched cloth to remove any oils that have been caught on the surface of your candle. Then it’s time to quickly paint over the top of your candle with a combination of acrylic paints and candle-painting medium.

Method to spray paint candles

Spray paint candles are the latest rage in new candles. They have the feel of a spray painting, which makes them unique and fun to own. But before you start painting your candle, there are a few things you need to do first.

First, get the right cans of spray paint for the candle you are going to paint. It is recommended to use high-quality spray paint from a paint store. The paint needs to be able to cover completely and prevent dripping.

The best way to do this is to first spray a layer of the spray paint onto a piece of cardboard. Then, spray a little bit of the spray paint onto a paintbrush, and then lightly and carefully brush the paint onto the candle.

Let the first coat dry thoroughly, and then go back and apply another coat. Repeat this step as many times as you want until the candle is all covered with spray paint.

paint candles

Will Spray Paint Stick To Candles?

Spray paint will stick to the candle. Spray paint adheres to any surface that is porous. Candles, being made of wax, fall into this category.  The wax in the candle absorbs the spray paint, and the candle is completely transformed when this happens.

Is It Safe to Paint Birthday Candles?

Yes, it is safe to paint on candles, but there are a few things you want to do to be safe.  If you do want to paint on candles, get the highest quality paraffin candles you can find.

Candles that are not made with paraffin wax will cause your paint jobs to come off much easier. Next, what kind of paint do you want to use? Acrylic paints work the best, but watercolors can also work, but they will tend to come off easier.  

Finally, choose your colors wisely. Dark colors and especially reds, tend to rub off more easily.  If you want to paint on an older candle, you can use a substance called candle wax sealant. This will make the candle super hard, and the paint will not come off.  

However, I don’t recommend painting a candle and then sealing it. This can cause the candle to burn unevenly.  If you do want to paint a candle, remember, it’s only for fun and you should use caution, or you could end up burning your house down.

Can You Paint Over Candle Wax?

Yes… you can paint over candle wax, but you will have to work slowly and carefully, and you might need to make some preparations first. The candle wax you might be removing is probably not the hardened kind, but soft and pliable, so you’ll need to scrape off all that you can with a putty knife.

Once you’ve removed as much as you can, you can start painting over it. For the best results, wait for the paint to dry, then lightly sand the area. When you’re done, paint over the area one more time. And yes, you will have to repaint the entire surface.


Yes. You can easily spray paint fake candles. Simply follow these steps and you can spray paint your candles: 1. Insert a candle into a white Martha Stewart fake candles holder. 2. Paint the candle holder with gold spray paint. 3. Let the paint dry completely. 4. Remove the candle from the candle holder. 5. Add your new spray-painted candle to a candle holder of your choice.

One tip I have for you is to use a type of paint that is safe for a stove top. The paint I used on my candles is called metal rust. It is very similar to paint that you would use on metal cookware. It can be found in most hobby stores. Furthermore, you want to use paint that has metal flakes in it. The paint I used has gold flakes that make the candle shimmer. Stay away from paints that have glitter or sparkles. These will leave big chunks in the wax which will be hard to clean out.

The first thing to do is to prepare the candles. You will want to wash and later dry them thoroughly. You can use a candle warmer for this step (instructions for this will be in the second part). This will prevent the candle from melting or sliding off the wooden base. As for the drying, you can use a hair dryer to help speed the process up. Pick out your paint. You will have a choice of spray paint or acrylic paint. You will need to pick out a base coat and a top coat that is made specifically for plastic. You will also need a paint brush and a paint tray. Here is the easiest way to do this: Clean your candle with a mild soapy solution. Let it dry and thoroughly. Lay out newspaper or a drop cloth to protect your workspace. Put the candle on a base layer, on a hard surface (wood, glass, concrete). Paint two layers of the base coat on the candle, in the color of your choice. Wait for it to dry. Put the candle back on the base layer and cover with a top coat. Let this coat dry completely.

Yes, you can spray paint candle holder. Spray painting candle holder is a good way to decorate your candle holder and give it a new look. Candle holder is too ordinary and common, and most of people don’t want to use it. Spray paint candle holder will give it a new look, which is simple but elegant. Spray painting candle holder is a good way to decorate your candle holder and give it a new look. Candle holder is too ordinary and common, and most of people don’t want to use it. Spray paint candle holder will give it a new look, which is simple but elegant.


If you like all the benefits of spray-painting candles, but don’t want the hassle of spraying your own candles, you can always purchase them ready-made from a store.

There are also many candle-making kits that you can buy and make your own custom scented candles.

This is it peeps! The complete guide to spray paint candles is here in this post of mine which is tried and tested method by my friends and they analyzed pretty good results out of this guide so this is best for those beginners who were confused to do so by themselves.

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