How to spray paint a metal bed frame

Rust can be a bit difficult to get rid of from time to time, but luckily with some oil-based paint and some patience, you can help preserve your investment by taking care of the rust on that old metal bed.

You see painting old metal beds is pretty easy and with a few basic tools and some time and patience, anyone can do it.

spray paint metal bed frames

There are two methods of dealing with these situations, depending on whether or not you want to utilize spray paint or opt for a brush.

Spray-painting your bed frame should be a quick and easy fix. You can do this by first purchasing spray paint of the same color.

Make sure you match the paint to a brand that has already tested its ability to hold onto wood, such as Krylon.

Use an old t-shirt to cover up the area you don’t want painted like your mattress or pillows. Then, spray all the visible parts of your bed frame lightly and inside any holes or compartments you have included in it.

Area for spray painting

When painting a bed frame, you’ll want to make sure that it’s in an area of your home that is well ventilated with climates between 7 and 29 degrees Celsius.

An ideal location in your home could be adjacent to a wall that can serve as a makeshift painting table (great for long bed frames), or nestled within the corner of an empty room.

To weigh down any parts of the frame as they dry, you might find a ladder or sawhorse handy, or even something as simple as an old but sturdy chair.

As mentioned earlier, stashing drop cloths against any walls will ensure that unwanted drips don’t go anywhere when you aren’t looking.

Prepare the metal bed frame

Now let’s take the metal bed frame apart; we need to make sure that you can reassemble it correctly so you can store the nuts, bolts and other small hardware in a secure container.

Clean your bed frame by using hot water and dish detergent to scrub the frame’s pieces. Scrub places such as corners and crevices with care, paying special attention to all of the designs.

Once you’re finished scrubbing, make sure that no dirt remains. Removing paint from metal surface is also very easy method.

Sand the surface of metal before spray painting

Picking the right paint requires preparing properly so as to not make a mess of things.

As a first step, you’ll need to start by using coarse sandpaper or even wire brushes in order to remove any rust or loose peeling paint. Once the area has been prepped, it’s time to start painting.

For rougher surfaces such as brick or concrete, use a roller but for smooth surfaces such as wood make sure you use a brush instead.

In either case, make sure that the surface is being painted up if necessary after which you can apply two coats of paint and wait for them both to dry before applying any further coats.

spray painting metal bed frames

Wash the bed frame

Make sure it’s clean before you paint. Invest in drop cloths or taking the time to find good quality, old newspapers that can stand up to being thrown away after each use.

Discarding these two items will make them easier without worrying about ruining your painting area.

This is important otherwise you could end up trying to cover up a mistake instead of trying to get rid of it while redoing the painting process.

Wipe off any dirt that came into contact with the wood frame. Wipe down the frame once more. Connect the pieces of the bed together and secure it against your resting prop (sawhorse, wall).

Spray metal frame with primer

When you see the first side becoming dry, flip over the pieces and spray some primer on that side as well using a slow, sweeping motion to prevent any drips from forming.

Make sure that one side is completely covered before moving onto the next step. Apply a coating of sealant to the wooden slats of the bed and let it dry. Put together the metal frame.

When painting heavy-duty equipment, it’s important that your paint be rust resistant and made specifically for use on metal.

Smooth even strokes are essential to proper coverage. After allowing the first side to dry completely, turn the pieces and spray the other side as well.

Apply a second coat of paint just like the first. Pay attention to corners and design areas to make sure they don’t collect excess paint or remain unpainted.

Let the frame dry and apply a third coat if you want a smoother finish. Push the screws/bolts from the frame into a cardboard box.

Heads on the surface, and spray them with paint so that their heads will match the frame color. Let dry.

Start spray painting metal bed frame

First, apply a thin coat of primer, making sure to carefully apply it in the same way as you would with regular paint.

Let the primer dry for several hours before applying additional coats of paint. Latex paints are not recommended for working with brass frames- their adhesive properties tend to wear out after repeated use.

Do not use latex paints here; enamel paint and spray is comparatively more durable and lasting.

Wait 30 minutes until the first layer has completely dried, then apply two further coats of clear enamel spray with even strokes from side to side.


With both types of paint, it’s important to realize that once you start a job with them, you should finish it. That’s really a golden rule of using both. Water-based acrylic paint dries quickly and can be removed from the surface relatively easily, but it isn’t recommended for long-term use (longer than three months) because it may fade or even crack over time. Most artists will tell you oil paints won’t crack over time, and give the effect of being shiny on top, compared to looking matte with water-based paints. On the other hand if it’s not carefully prepared, oil paint can end up being chipped away at too easily! Some artists also say they tend to smell more while they’re drying than water-based paints do.

First, you will have to remove the old paint with some sandpaper. If you have enamel paint on your frame, that should not be too difficult to remove. If you have unlike paint on your frame, like polyurethane, it might prove to be a little harder. You can use a plastic scraper or even a putty knife to remove the paint. Once it is sanded down, you can paint it with the primer, and before that you can use sandpaper to rough up the surface so that it is easier for the paint to stick to it. When the primer is dry, paint it with the paint of your choice.  

Yes, we need to prime metal before we paint it. There are many reasons for priming metal. Priming helps to seal the surface of the metal, which protect it from moisture and acids in the air. Priming protects the metal from corrosion and rusting, which allows the paint to adhere to the metal more effectively. Priming allows you to use oil based paints, which are normally used for wood. Oil based paint will not adhere to metal without primer. So priming is a very important step in finishing metal surfaces.

The short answer is yes, you can paint over painted metal surface. Part of the reason you can do so is there is a thin layer of primer between the metal and the paint. So if you’re worried about repainting your metal door or mailbox, then don’t be.  The best way to tell if you can paint over a painted surface is to remove the old paint using some paint stripper, then consider how you want to repaint it. Most paints are okay for metal.

Yes, you do have to sand metal before spray painting. The paint will not adhere to the metal unless you first give it a ‘rough’ surface by sanding it down. All metal surfaces should be sanded with a fine grain paper, not a steel wool. The paint will stick to the fine grain paper, so it will stick onto the metal surface.

Conclusion on How to spray paint a metal bed frame

The complete guide to spray paints a metal surface is here and it is very easy to understand and apply on your own metal bed frames or for your clients.

If you see any mistake in your work then do let me know in the comments section I will solve it as soon as possible as I could.

This post is solely made from my own experience which I have got from past several years of my career so this quite notable experience should be valued. Follow each step of the guide for betters results.

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