How to spray paint a bathtub

When it comes to painting the bathroom, many people are not aware of the importance of paying more attention to the type of paint used and the technique you want to apply.

If you want to paint the bathroom, it is not only important that you choose the right color and finish, but also a procedure that will be able to meet very specific requirements.

spraying bathtub surface

There are many factors to consider when selecting paint, but the key thing is that you understand the type of surface you need to paint.

Whether gloss, matt, or broken glass, you need to know if it has to be water or solvent-based.

This blog is designed to explain all the different types of aerosol paint and the best way to go about painting with them.

This step-by-step guide is very easy to understand because it is tried and tested for newbies who want to do this job by themselves

But don’t know the method to get the perfect shiny finish out of their work. Follow each step and analyze the results after completing the whole procedure in the bathtub.

Tools we need to do the job

  • Comet Cleaner and Scour Pads for cleaning
  • 400 Grit Sandpaper for sanding tub surface
  • Painter’s Tape for covering those surfaces which we don’t want to paint
  • Paint Roller for painting
  • Paint Brush for touchup
  • Plastic to protect walls and/or floors
  • Mask and Gloves for protection of ourselves

Prepare workplace for painting bathtub

It’s important to clean the bathroom thoroughly and properly. First, open a window to let in some extra fresh air.

Run the bathroom exhaust fan for about 2 minutes to remove any humid moisture or residue from the room.

painting bathtub surface

Next, begin with soaping down the tub then follow up with scrubbing cleanser followed by scrubbing with bleach.

It’s important to rinse well and wipe out any remaining residue with acetone or thinner.

Just be careful not to get cleaned areas agitated or you’ll risk getting dirt back into your freshly cleaned spaces. You might be looking for a method of removing paint from tile surfaces.

Sand the surface of the bathtub

Sanding is a method to smoothen the surface of the bathtub so that the new paint will stick to it easily.

There are a lot of sanding methods but here I will go with the most common one. Sanding will make the surface rough.

Applying primer to it will remove the roughness and some primer will be absorbed by the surface, so the paint will stick on the surface. Apply 400 grit sandpaper then 600-grit.

The primer will be applied better if the surface is not 100% smooth.  First, use a sander to remove the paint.

Second, use a sanding sponge or sanding paper to smooth the surface. Third, use a sanding sponge or sanding paper to remove the coarse sanding paper.

Start spraying

The next step is to prep the bathtub. Hold the spray can at about a 45-degree angle so that the paint covers a larger surface area.

Three thin coats are enough to achieve an optimal finish, making sure to cover all of the surface areas. Remember that it’s always better to apply several thin layers than one thick one.

Clean the nozzle of spray cans after using them on the bathtub surface. Cleaning will prevent the nozzle from clogging.


Bathtubs can be painted with epoxy paint or acrylic paint. Epoxy paints are generally more expensive but they are more durable, and they are easy to clean. Acrylic paints are thicker than epoxy paints, they are dirtier. So, if you are just painting your bathtub and if it is not going to be used for a long time, then we can use acrylic paint. If it is going to used daily then we should opt for epoxy paint. Always use the paint which is specifically made for the surface of your bathtub. Take extra care when painting an antique bathtub as the finish may come off. If you have an antique bathtub, then clean it with soap and water. Then, give it two coats of primer. After that, spray some material like fiberglass over it.

Best way is to sand it down with a hand sander and clean it. Then you have to make sure it’s outside and clean it again. After that spray paint all sides then spray paint the top, let it dry and spray paint the bottom. If you don’t have the correct equipment then you can just sand it and paint it.

Yes! As with any type of paint, it is best to choose an appropriate color. The correct method of applying the paint will make all the difference as well. It is best to use a spray that is made for tubs and surfaces made of ceramics, etc. A standard spray can will work if it is made for enamel. But I suggest it best to choose a product made specifically for the purpose so it will last longer and not come off easily.

Yes, you certainly can use enamel spray paint on a bathtub. As long as it is a smooth surface, it can be painted. A smooth surface is always a good idea to paint over. Also, the surface shouldn’t be saturated with water at the time of painting. This can cause the paint to peel as it dries.

Conclusion on How to spray paint a bathtub

The wait is over! Your bathroom makeover is finally complete, and it’s time to take your first bath in your newly-painted tub.

However, you can’t help but notice that the paint is still a bit tacky. If you were to get into the tub now.

You might get paint on your body and the inside of the tub, and it could even peel off the paint on the tub’s surface.

So better to wait for 3 to 4 days if this happens when you touch the bathtub surface.

Still, if you find any confusion after following this guide then let me know in the comments section and I will try my best to clear it out as soon as I see your query.

We analyzed the results after completing the work and we got pretty good results.

I and my friends tested this guide and after getting satisfactory results we are suggesting you this method of painting bathtubs.

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