How to spray candy paint

There are various ways of spraying candy paint and I want to share some ways with you peeps that I have found the easiest in the long run.

The spray can method doesn’t use many materials and can really save you time on finishing your project so it’s a good one to start with but if time is an issue, the second method might be better suited for you.

painting candy paint on cars

Candy paint jobs are a unique way of customizing vehicles and motorcycles. Most standard auto-paints don’t provide the smooth finish desired for these sorts of colorful projects, so what garages with customers who want to upgrade and customize their ride use are candy paint.

Candy paints are much easier to apply when working in a well-set-up, climate-controlled paint booth that doesn’t allow prying eyes.

When painting your vehicle or motorcycle out of the garage or anywhere else you have to accelerate the delivery time of candy paint to counter the effects of weathering, otherwise paint preparation can be an incredibly arduous task that leads nowhere good.

Prepare the surface

For candy-coat paint applications, the preparation process isn’t much different from regular paint. Start with a standard scouring pad to lightly prepare the surface and then clean everything properly.

It’s important to thoroughly clean the surface because any dirt or imperfections in the undercoat will be reflected in the top coat.

Once you’ve cleaned it all up, ensure that you have enough layers because an early mistake can be hard to correct without stripping it all down and starting over once again.

Spray base coat

It’s best to start off with a good base coat when painting, especially if you happen to be planning out your own car painting project.

Not all bases are created equal and what works for one situation may not work for another. If that happens, you could have some real problems on your hands that require special attention.

It’s always best to go from the back-end of a problem, relying on the information you already know and then taking it from there.

Apply candy coat

Covering or coating a vehicle in candy requires some serious attention to detail and can be quite difficult depending on the type of candy you’re using.

I suggest keeping first spraying the car with any color you want in the base layer, and then spray the tan-colored candy over this mid-coat.

It is vital that you cover or coat your vehicle with plastic wrap while making sure not to touch the car itself by using latex gloves or by wearing a smock to avoid getting fingerprints onto your newly applied layers.

spraying candy paint on surface

Also, putting on plastic goggles would also be a great idea as this will help reduce/eliminate eye irritation from any paint fumes.

While coating your vehicle make sure you give yourself plenty of time for drying because washing off previous layers is hard work!

Make sure to tell someone where you’ll be before beginning so they don’t get worried about your absence if things take longer than expected!

Apply the top clear coat

After using a tack cloth to remove any pieces of dust or other contaminants from the paint surface, use a clear top coat to seal in the candy paint.

After three coats are applied, you will be left with plenty of room to work without worrying about harming your clear coat.

Sand and buff the surface

Sanding clear coat with 1000-grit wet/dry sandpaper with water, followed by 1500-grit sanding with water will give you a nice smooth finish.

Keep following up on the shine of your paint job by rubbing it down with a little polishing compound on an orbital buffer to get rid of any last imperfections that might still be visible so you can reach the perfect shine!


Candy paint is one of the easiest colors you can apply in car painting. The reason why some people are not very successful in applying it may be due to a number of different reasons.

Candy paint is traditionally made of lacquer, pearl, and metallic flakes. The lacquer is a water-based solution that is sprayed on the car, and the pearl and metallic flakes are then applied over the lacquer. The finished product should be a shiny, glossy paint finish. Candy paint does fade, but it depends on many factors, including the brand and the quality of the products used, how the finished product is applied and maintained, the composition of the paint, and personal opinions about the look. Candy paint is intended to be a temporary paint job, not a permanent one. It should be removed within one to three years. The color mostly fades, not the metallic and pearlescent flakes, which stay in form and size, so they get more dim as they get older. Candy paint can fade as soon as a couple of months after it has been applied. An old trick to test the fading of a paint job is to wipe the car with a dirty rag (but not too dirty, after all it’s only a test! ), if the paint job is new, you should be able to see the colors in a few days after the rag has been wiped. If the paint job is old, it won’t show up in the rag at all.

Candy paint is a new trend in the automobile industry.  It is a paint which used with shiny surface.  This paint got its name from the glossy look of the car. This paint is used in Mercedes, Volvo, BMW etc. Candy paint is not easy to remove. It is very difficult to wash the candy paint from the car. There are several ways to reduce the paint from the car, one way is using citrus solvent. To reduce the paint, pour about 10-15 drops of citrus solvent in a gallon of water. The solution should be warm. Wash the car with the solution. The car will look as good as new. Another option is by using wax and compound. The compound will soften the paint and make it easier to wash.

I have seen a lot of colors go on black hair and last a long time, but some colors do fade faster than others. For example, in my research ultramarine blue is said to last the longest. Other colors, like yellow, tend to fade faster. These colors like yellow tend to break down easier in the presence of water, so when you wash your hair, the color will fade. It also helps to keep your hair healthy when it’s colored. You will most likely have someone bleach your hair first and then color it. This process will not only lighten your hair, but it will also make the color last longer. Another trick I found to help colors last longer is to pre-lighten your hair at home before going to the salon. For more information, you can check out my post that I wrote about it. Candy colors tend to be on the darker side, like red, blue, etc. They are more permanent because your hair is usually lightened to a yellow base first. This is the easiest way to help your hair color last longer.


Here is the complete guide on painting candy paint with a sprayer on your desired surface.

This step-by-step guide will help you out in painting the surface without creating any mess around the surface or on the surface. Comment down your queries that need to be fixed right away from me or from my team members.

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