How to remove spray paint from shoes

Today I will teach you guys how to remove spray paint from your shoes with this step-by-step guide which is very easy to understand and apply for getting satisfactory results without creating any mess on the shoe surface.

Newbies hesitate to do this job by themselves once they have completed their own project but after this guide, they will be able to clean the shoes from paint.

Spray paint seems to find its way onto paint-free surfaces a lot. It comes in contact with many areas of one’s life and it has the power to completely change the look of all kinds of things for as long as it lasts.

However, spray paint does have one particular “bad habit”: it often ends up on our footwear, pants, shirts, and even furniture; which is why a lot of people wonder how to remove spray paint from clothes or how to remove spray paint from shoes.

Here is a helpful way to deal with the messy business of spray paint. And I say this personally since we have been looking for such a solution for years! You can use some of these methods which can be used to remove spray paint from shoes for stainless steel surface.

How to remove spray paint from shoes

Wear protective gear

Before removing spray paint from shoes, it is important to wear protective gear such as gloves, a face mask, and goggles. Always before working Wear protective and protect yourself properly from paint. You can use the following methods to remove paint from leather shoes too

This will help to protect you from the fumes and chemicals in the spray paint. Next, use a paper towel or old rag to blot the paint from the shoes.

Then, use a brush or toothpick to scrape away any remaining paint. Finally, wash the shoes with soap and water to remove any residual paint.

Method to remove paint from wet shoes surface

Carefully wipe the paint from your shoes with a rolled-up paper towel. Next, sponge off the excess paint with mild detergent and warm water. Let your shoes dry before you wear them again.

Next, it’s time to get rid of paint residue. You might have taken every precaution in the books, but there will be some leftovers whether you want them or not.

And we all know that they can be a pain to deal with. Since there are a few ways to go about this task, we’d recommend making an easy DIY cleaning remedy: simply mix together mild detergent (roughly 1 oz.) and a quart of hot water and use a cleaning sponge to wipe away the mess.

Well, odds are you probably already know that spray paint can be messy and hard to get rid of. It sticks fast to whatever it gets on and just when you think you’ve cleaned it all up…well, somehow there’s another spot. But don’t fear, we have some tips for keeping your spray-painted shoes clean.

As you may know, our sneakers are mostly made from fabric, leather, rubber, and suede. Paint is used to decorate the design of the shoe which makes it look more vibrant and livelier.

Solving how to remove spray paint can be quite a challenge since all these different materials have special properties, so not everything will work on your shoes.

But then again, there’s one method that is perfect for any kind of material and that is painting over it! Prescription drug rehab in NJ.

Method to remove paint from dried shoes

To remove dry paint splatter from shoes, you should use a sharp object like an ice pick or needle to pull out as much of the dried paint as possible.

Before treating your stained garment, check to see if it is too late by rubbing a few drops of water on the spot; if water makes it smear, you have some time left but if it washes off entirely then there’s not much that can be done.

Use a citrus cleaner, apply some pressure and rub vigorously while scrubbing; very little elbow grease is involved here but sometimes this step alone isn’t enough to remove that stubborn stain so keep reading!

If the stain is still there after using a citrus cleaner then treat your shoes with a footwear conditioner or pour pure corn or olive oil into the stain.

removing paint from shoes surface

If a shoe gets some paint on it and you happen to notice before it dries, chances are you might get away with using some soap to wash it off.

But, often times shoes may get covered in paint long after the paint job has been done and has dried on the surface of the footwear. In cases such as these, you will find that removing them is quite challenging and time-consuming because they are stuck to the shoe’s surface now. ​

You have to blot out most of the paint with a clean rag with a small amount of mild citrus cleaner. Avoid saturating the stain on the shoe, but rather blot it dry until tackiness no longer remains.

In order to make sure you achieve this, use either the sharpened tip of a knife or a common pin.

Next, try wiping that blotchy area with a completely dry cloth. If there are still some noticeable traces of red paint on your shoes, follow the last step using a damp cloth instead and wipe off any lingering paint until your shoes are once again spotless.

For any shoe made from either real or faux leather, you can use this cleaning method without hesitation.

Some other methods to remove spray paint from shoes surface

If you don’t have your regular bottle of citrus cleaner available when you’re in need, don’t fret because there are a few more than effective in our humble opinion alternative cleaning products that are just as easy to get (or maybe you already have them around, we aren’t judging). Here is the short supply list:

Step 1 for removing spray paint

You don’t have to clean your shoes with chemicals, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth as soon as any paint gets on them.

When the paint is wet it’s super easy to remove and won’t need any strong cleaners. When removing figurative art from shoes make sure not to push the paint into or otherwise damage the fibers; making sure that everything is properly removed can create a long-lasting, bright finish.

Step 2 for removing paint from the shoes

Then the shoe’s coat of paint with some gentle rubbing from a dry cloth to soften it up. Only use a little at a time or you’ll end up ruining the shoe – and possibly needing to start over again. You don’t want that!

Step 3 for removing spray paint from shoes

Cleaning paint off with a dry cloth and turpentine is an easy way to do it since you don’t have to scrub too hard. Put some of the turpentine on the cloth and wipe away the paint. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to clean it off with thinner first.

Method to remove paint with acetone

Acetone is a clear, colorless liquid. It is obtained from natural gas. Acetone is a common solvent in nail polish remover.

And is also used to remove coatings from non-living materials, such as paint and varnish. So, you can use nail polish remover/acetone to remove paint from shoes. Just clean the area of the shoes that is stained with paint.

Use a rag or brush to rub the acetone into the stained surface. Let the solvent sit on the paint for a few minutes.

Then wipe the area with a second rag or brush. Rubbing the surface with a brush can help the solvent get into the paint. Wiping the area with a clean rag or brush will remove the solvent and the paint.

Method to remove paint with Baking soda

Here is a simple way to remove paint from shoes using baking soda. Method to remove paint from shoe surface using baking soda:

  • First of all, take a bowl, and add baking soda to it. Gradually add water to the bowl and mix the contents well till a lather forms.
  • Now, dip your shoes in this solution.
  • Rub the lather in a circular motion.
  • Finally, wait for 15 minutes. Step 6: Rinse your shoes with water.


It all depends on what kind of shoes you have, what kind of paint you are using and what kind of surface you are writing on. Spray paint is great for art projects, but it does not last for long, and fades away over time. It is just about possible for the paint to stay on your shoes. But more than anything, the quality of spray paint you use can make a difference in how well the paint stays put.

Get a glass of warm water and add a tablespoon of liquid soap to it. Mix them properly and put your shoes in the warm liquid for about ten minutes. It’s even better if you let your shoes soak in the warm soapy liquid for a day or two. The acrylic paint should start to loosen and you can easily remove it with a cloth.

While there are several ways to get paint off your shoes, it can vary depending on the type of paint and the type of material your shoe is made of. To remove paint from your Jordans, you will want to start off by getting some warm water and dish soap.  Put it in a container and put your shoes into it.  Let them soak for an hour or so and then scrub them with a toothbrush.  Get every bit of the paint off and then rinse them off with warm water.  Air dry or wipe them down with a clean rag if they are still wet.  That’s all there is to it.

The Nike logo is meant to be permanent, so it’s not easy to remove it. The best way is to get a brand-new pair of shoes, but if you want to remove it you can try. Apply paint thinner / acetone to remove it. You can also sand it off. Be careful, just use a light touch when sanding and don’t press too hard or you might damage the shoe. You can also try using common rubbing alcohol to take it off. With a single drop, rub the logo by joining the letters, the graphic may go with it.


Here it is my fellows! The complete step-by-step guide to remove spray paint from shoe surface with various methods which I used and tested on my shoes and these are some which I found to be helpful in doing so.

That’s why I am recommending this plenty of methods to my newcomer fellas who are confused and hesitating to do the job.

I am sure this guide will help you out in removing paint on your own shoes. Don’t hesitate to comment on your query I will answer it quickly.

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