How to remove paint from leather shoes

Have you ever worn a pair of brand-new leather shoes only to spill a can of paint all over them? If you have, you know that paint is one of the hardest things to remove from leather.

We are going to share with you several different ways to remove paint from your leather shoes and boots.

remove paint from leather shoes

Getting paint off your boots is difficult if you want to keep them intact. Getting paint off work boots is necessary if you want to keep them intact.

You need either to replace or clean them frequently. Here are some tips on how to get paint off work boots and keep them in good shape.

This tried and tested step-by-step guide will help you to remove paint from your favorite leather shoes which you think you have ruined with paint.

This guide is tested by professional painters and they have got pretty good results after analyzing the surface of shoes.

How to remove paint from leather shoes?

Follow all the steps which I am going to explain these methods which I am going to tell you guys are those which I have tested and used to remove paint from my leather shoes and they gave satisfactory results after applying these methods. These methods can also be used to remove spray paint from stainless steel surface.

Remove paint using cooking or baby oil

There are many ways to remove paint from leather shoes, but the one that will work best is to use cooking oil or baby oil. The cooking oil method can also be used to remove paint from leather surfaces without damaging them.

The reason why they work is they are slippery, but at the same time ,they will not damage the leather.

The best way to apply it is to put some cooking oil or baby oil on a piece of paper towel. Then, rub the oil on the area where the paint is.

Be careful not to put too much oil in one place, as this will cause a bigger mess. Allow the oil to dry and then wipe it off. Repeat if necessary.

Method to remove paint from leather shoes using Vaseline

Take a cotton swab and dip it slightly in the Vaseline. Gently rub the Vaseline onto the paint spots.

Let the Vaseline sit for a few minutes on the paint. Use a dry cotton swab to help scrape the paint off.

This may take a while, so patience is the key here. Scrape the paint off in a circular motion. Rinse the shoes with warm water to remove the grease. Wipe them dry with a towel.

Removing paint with fingernail polish

Take a small portion of the fingernail polish and apply it to the mark. Let it dry. After that, you can use a hard-bristled brush to rub the polish off.

It might take a few tries, but you should be able to remove the paint. Fingernail polish is usually used to remove oil stains on the carpet and furniture.

Use Rubbing alcohol

The method is quite simple. First, you are supposed to wear protective gloves and an eye mask to prevent any irritation.

Wash both the shoes and the lid of the Rubbing alcohol with warm water to remove all dirt and debris.

Then you should pour the entire contents of the Rubbing alcohol on the shoes and leave it for about an hour. Finally, wash it off with warm water and let it dry.

remove paint from leather shoes

Method to remove paint from leather shoes using Soap and Water

Removing the paint from your leather shoes using soap and water could be really difficult for someone who has never tried cleaning leather shoes before.

This is because the paint could have seeped into the leather and could cause permanent damage to the leather if it is not properly removed.

But if you can ensure that you are very careful while you are trying to do this, you can avoid the damage to your shoes and you will be able to clean the paint off in a very short time.

How to remove paint from leather shoes using olive oil

One of the best ways is by using olive oil. Olive oil is great to get paint off of leather, but you must use it properly.  

First, all excess paint must be scraped off, as much as possible. Then, soak a cotton ball or rag in olive oil and rub it over the area that was painted.

You can also saturate the area by pouring olive oil on it, and then letting it set.  Wipe it off, and you’ll find that the paint should come off with it, effortlessly. It really is simple, and it works.

How to remove latex paint from leather shoes

In order to get latex paint out of leather shoes, you first need to break down the latex paint as much as possible.

Dish detergent and water work well for this. With the help of a spout and a toothbrush, put some dish detergent in a tub of warm water.

Starting at the bottom of the shoe and working your way up, brush the detergent on the paint.

Then, once you’ve done that, pour the water over the shoe and let it soak for about twenty minutes.

After twenty minutes, use a sponge to clean off any leftover paint. Wash the sponge in warm water, and then repeat the previous step.

It will take a couple of times to get all the paint out, but it works better than just water and dish detergent.


I am sorry to say that vinegar does not remove the paint from leather surface. I have tried by rubbing vinegar on the paint and later on by using a cloth soaked in vinegar. It only removed the paint from the surface. A little paint is still there.

It’s recommended that you apply acetone to the paint before wiping to help break down the paint. Try using a paper towel or rag and then you can use a hard bristle brush to brush the paint off of the couch. It will take a good bit of elbow grease, but you can get it off.

The answer is yes, but it isn’t that easy. You need to soak the leather in the paint thinner for a while to soften it up. Then you need to scrub it off with a wire brush or other hard item that can scratch the paint off. A lot of elbow grease and patience is needed. Because it’s very easy to damage the leather by applying too much pressure.

There are actually many ways to remove oil-based paint from leather surface. The most obvious way is to sand down the paint. Use sandpaper or even an electric sander to remove the paint from the leather surface. This will work, but unfortunately, it will also scratch your leather surface. Another way to do it is to use solvent to dissolve the oil paint. This is a quicker way to do it, and it is also less likely to damage the leather surface. There are products specifically made for removing oil paint from leather, but they can also be quite expensive.

Final thoughts

If you have a pair of leather shoes, we hope you found this blog post useful! There are many different ways to remove paint from your leather shoes.

We recommend the rubbing alcohol method, but the other methods are worth a shot if the rubbing alcohol method didn’t work for you.

Follow each step explained in this guide in order to successfully remove paint from leather surface shoes without making any mistakes.

The results will be great after completing the whole procedure and analyzing the results with the naked eye and you will be satisfied.

Ping me in the comments section and feel free to ask anything regarding this post.

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