How to paint plastic motorcycle parts with spray cans

This post will guide you through the complete method to spray paint motorcycle parts with satisfactory results without creating any issues.

Newbies must follow the complete guide in order to get the perfect finish for their desired surface.

spray painting motorcycle parts

If the paint on the plastic parts of your motorcycle is cracked and failing or if you just want to change the look of your machine, then you should learn how to remove the existing paint and redo it.

The paint will not stick onto a plastic surface as well as it would onto another surface, so in order for it to really be successful next time around you should use a few extra steps and add some additives into your paint when you go to apply it.

Prepare the surface of parts

The basic thing you have to do is remove the dirt and corrosion. You can clean the motorcycle parts with a bit of solvent.

Like white petroleum and steel wool, but you should avoid using water because water and paint don’t really get along.

After removing the dirt, wash the part with soap and water. That is actually the most important thing.

The paint will not stick to the dirt. After washing the part, get out of the water and dry it as best as you can.

Sand the motorcycle parts

If you have time, you can sand the motorcycle parts before spray painting them.  Just use medium grit sandpaper and sand the motorcycle parts.

You may have to sand them several times or until you feel the surface is smooth.  Use a good quality primer for spray painting. The sanding does improve the finish of the paint job.

spray painting motorcycle parts

Method to spray paint plastic motorcycle parts

Lots of people have a hard time painting their plastic motorcycle parts because they don’t know how to use the right kind of spray paint and the right way to prep the bike.

I wanted to share my method and results for painting plastic parts on my bike with anyone else who has had trouble doing it properly.

The best way to spray paint plastic motorcycle parts is to use high-quality spray paint.  Buy good quality spray paint made for plastic parts.

Never use cheap, discount spray paint for plastic parts. It doesn’t work well and ends up giving the parts a hazy, dull look.

You don’t need to sand down or prime the plastic parts before you paint them.  As long as you have good quality spray paint, you can use the parts as is.  

Clean the parts with a mild soap and water mixture, rinse them off, and allow them to dry before you paint them.

The metal parts of the motorcycle should be clean and free of rust, oil, and grime before you paint them.  

You can use a wire brush or a fine brush to clean them. Use the same cleaning solution on the plastic parts too.


Yes and No. Yes, you can spray paint plastic motorcycle parts. You can even paint them using a brush, or any other method. No, you should not spray paint plastic motorcycle parts because the paint will peel off and look ugly. The reason behind this is that the plastic is not strong enough to hold the paint. That is the reason most manufacturers do not paint the plastic parts of the motorcycle.

Yes, plastic primer is an excellent product that allows you to prime even the roughest of plastics. You should buy a plastic primer and apply it over the bare surface of the toy. Two coats would be good, but one coat would be sufficient if the toy is particularly smooth. This will ensure that the paint coats the toy evenly and will allow it to adhere to the surface well. An alternative to using a primer is to use a plastic polish/cleaner on the toy. You could also try using a primer if you are using spray paint.

There are two popular methods to paint chrome on motorcycle parts: the sandblasting method and chemical dipping method. Sandblasting is the most common process in painting chrome motorcycle parts. If you choose to go with the sandblasting method, you must first sandblast the chrome part and then chemically clean the surface to remove the surface rust and prepare it for the appropriate clearcoat. The sandblasting method is also known as the cold blasting method because it uses ducted sandblasting machines. In chemical dipping method, you should first clean and degrease the part to remove all traces of oil, grease and dirt by washing it with soap and water, scrubbing it with a brush, and then rinsing it. You must also determine which chemical to use. Some paints are formulated specifically for chrome, while some are formulated for metal surfaces. Once you have determined which chemicals you will need, you must put the part in a bath. The chemicals will dry up the part and remove the rust. After the rust is removed, you will be able to paint the part with the chosen type of paint.

Yes, you can. But before we get into that, I’d like to mention that the first thing you should do is give the tank a good cleaning. That way, if there’s any dirt or grease that might have gotten into the tank, you can get rid of it before you start painting.

Summary for How to paint plastic motorcycle parts with spray cans

Here it is folks! The complete step-by-step guide to spray paint your motorcycle parts by your own self is here in this post.

With this guide, you will attain the results which you want after completing your project without creating any mistakes on the surface and then later disappoint your own self.

If you find any issues in following this guide then let me know in the comments section and I will answer it soon.

Newbies should follow each step because this guide is from my own painting career and from my own solely experience which I have gained from this course of years

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