How to paint car emblems

Today in this step by step I will teach you the complete method to paint car emblems at home without taking your car at some expensive car paint shop.

This guide is solely based on my experience which I have gained through the course of years so it can be considered valid.

paint car emblem

This guide is tried and tested method by my newbie friends and they have analyzed pretty good results after painting car emblems.

So, this guide is perfect for those beginners who wanted to do this work by their own selves.

Paint an emblem on your car and you can give your car a new personality. The process of painting an emblem on your car is straightforward but it needs the right approach.

This blog will look at what you can do to paint the emblem on your car and how you can get the best results.

Tools you need to paint car emblems

These are some tools which you need to paint your car emblems and you can achieve the best results out of your work with this guide. Below listed are the tools which newbies must have in order to save themselves from creating mistakes.

  • Spray gun
  • paint
  • Sand paper
  • Primer
  • Mineral spirit
  • Emblem glue
  • Painters tape
  • Newspaper
  • Gloves, respirator mask and goggles
  • Protective gear

Remove the emblem

Removing the emblem on your car is easy. The first thing you have to do is remove the nuts that hold the emblem in place. You can usually find bolt heads on some of these nuts so it makes them easy to find.

This can be a little tricky at times, but there are kits for sale at most auto parts stores that will help you get all of the nuts unscrewed and off quickly. Once the nuts have been removed, use a flat head screwdriver or razor blade to gently pry loose the emblem.

There are sometimes clips holding the emblem in place so if you feel resistance while removing them, try wiggling back and forth a little bit until they give out.

If none of that works, use either a hair dryer or heat gun to soften the glue on rubber emblems. Apply some pressure while doing this to peel off stuck-on emblems with ease!

Sand the car emblem

Prepare sandpaper with grit 240 and grade rubbing on the surface of the car emblem. About the question of how to sand car emblem surface before painting process, there are basically two ways. Everyone can choose the way you like.

There is no doubt that the way I like is the mechanical way. We know that the surface of the car emblem is smooth, but if you want to make it as smooth as possible before painting, you need to use sandpaper to rub it. If your emblem is smooth chrome or painted, sand it with 220-grit sandpaper. This will give the paint something to adhere to.

Clean the emblems

You need to mix mineral spirits with a little water to create a cleaning solution. Take a clean cloth, dip it in the cleaning solution and wipe. But the right thing to do is to remove the emblem. You can do this by using a screwdriver and unscrew the clips holding each of the emblems at the back of the grill.

A little rubbing alcohol can also be added to your cleaning solution if you wish. Make sure it is completely dried after cleaning it. This is to avoid any water spots and to improve the shine.

paint car emblem

Clean and seal the emblem. You can clean up your emblem quickly by brushing it with some mineral spirits. After doing this, use a lint-free, dry rag to wipe down the surface and make sure there are no mineral spirits left on it.

Select paint for emblem

The best kinds of paint to use on car emblems are paints designed specifically for this task. You can buy paints that are specially made for plastic surfaces, as these come with different formulas and additives that will help the paint adhere to plastic and last longer. You can even buy paint that is already clear. Special paints for plastic surfaces will likely be more expensive than regular paints for metal or wood.

Apply primer on the surface

There are many ways to apply primer on car emblem surface, but here are a few suggestions: You can start by using a paint roller to apply the primer onto the surface. Make sure to coat the entire surface with the primer, including the car emblem.

Let the primer dry for a few hours and then use a spray paint to paint over the surface. This is one of the easiest ways to apply primer on car emblem surface. You can also use a brush to apply the primer onto the surface.

Make sure to let the primer dry for a few hours and then use a spray paint to paint over the surface. It’s a good idea to try to cover the entire surface with primer, including the car emblem.

If you want to make your car emblem stand out more, feel free to use a brush to apply extra primer onto the car emblem. Wait for the primer to dry and then use a spray paint to paint over the surface. This is a great way to apply primer on car emblem surface.

Apply primer to your emblem surface. Two or three coats of primer should do the trick. After the primer dries for about a minute, you can apply more coats. Let each coat of primer dry for at least an hour before you sand it down and start over again.

Apply paint on car emblem

Firstly, it is important to apply a coat or two of color in order to get rid of any blemishes on the surface. Let the paint dry for at least a minute or two before applying a second or third coat.

It is also advisable to let the finished product hang out for several hours, if not all night, to make sure that the paint has dried up sufficiently.

Method for plastic and metal emblems:

It all depends on the material of your car’s emblem. If it is made of plastic, then you can use a regular brush because plastic is usually paintable.

You would want to use an artist brush to get a smooth and even coat. When you are done, let it dry for the recommended amount of time, and then gently rub the emblem in a circular motion with a very soft cloth to remove any paint build-up. If it is made of metal, you can use a special paint.

You can borrow or rent a spray gun at an auto paints store. Use an enamel paint or lacquer. You will want to use an artist brush to get a smooth and even coat. Also, it is important to let the paint dry for the recommended amount of time.

You don’t want it to be wet when you put it back on your car. When you are done, gently rub the emblem in a circular motion with a very soft cloth to remove any paint build-up.

Installation process

You should clean the area you plan on installing your emblem to with either alcohol or mineral spirits in order to provide a clean surface and help coat the area so the emblem adheres better.

Glue the emblem to the car using a small amount of glue on the back of the emblem. Press the emblem firmly onto the body for about three to five minutes using your hands until it affixes itself firmly to your car.


There are many types of paints you can use on car emblems. There are enamel, acrylic, and urethane paints, to name a few. Although you can use any of these, it is important to use the right paint for the project. Acrylic and enamel paints are made to be durable, but they take longer to dry than urethane paints. You might want to choose urethane if you are in a hurry for your paint job to be finished. Urethane paints also provide better coverage than acrylic or enamel paints.

It is possible to paint a chrome emblem. You can use paint markers ( lik  Marvy Uchida  and  Molotow  ) or spray paint to paint over chrome emblems. To do so, you will require a spray paint that matches the original color of your vehicle’s emblems. You will also need a marker (for small emblems), which can be used to make small details. You can use a brush to make small details. After painting, use fine grit sandpaper to make small details. Once done, wipe the emblem with a clean cloth and then rinse with water and let it dry.

Absolutely. There are 3 steps towards spray painting car badges. Apply several thin coats and allow them to dry between each coat. Remember to shake the can well before use. Make sure that you are in a ventilated area and wear a mask. When you’ve finished you can remove the badges and enjoy the beautiful results.

Yes, you can powder coat an emblem. The part is first sanded down to a completely smooth and clean surface. Next, the part is dipped into the paint and baked. The part is cooled and then the excess paint is brushed or wiped off. If you see dust or shaved paint on the part when it is removed from the oven, this is okay. It is important that you let the part sit overnight to cool and harden before using it. I hope this helps you out.

Plasti Dip is a professional product for vehicle branding. It sticks on to the surface like glue and is therefore very durable. It also protects the original paint from being chipped off. I have used it on my car and it lasted for about 18months and I didn’t even have to use any chemicals to remove it. I’m sure yours will last for at least a year.

Final thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our blog on how to paint car emblems. The process is not too complicated, but it is very important to make sure you choose the right paint for the job. When you’re out at the store, make sure to get a high-quality automotive paint and clearcoat for the best results. With that in mind, don’t be intimidated by the process, you can paint car emblems in your garage with some pretty good results on the emblem surface. If you have any questions regarding this post then let us know in the comments section.

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