How to paint a galaxy with spray paint

In this guide, I will teach you the method to paint a galaxy for yourself or for your clients with the help of spray paints.

This guide will be a step-by-step guide thus easy to understand and apply on the surface without creating any mess.

spray painting galaxy

Spray-paint art is reminiscent of hip-hop dance, both having roots in the streets and being invented by people who had no formal training.

While you might not think about it, both can really touch your soul – just ask anyone that saw the spray-paint artist painting a floating moon above the silhouette of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Learn the Language of spray paint

I’m often reminded of how unique a task spray painting is. To the naked eye, it may appear as though we’ve got it down to a science.

But in actuality, we have to let go of some preconceived notions or assumptions that one might have about painting in general and really just trust our instincts when we’re out there on the streets spraying nozzles side by side murals with our comrades.

I personally had to overcome any fears or doubts I once held regarding the task of graffiti artistry before taking my skills and talents out into the streets. Looking at how you can create art? Here is the complete guide to make spray paint art.

Tools required to do the job

Here is the list of some tools that we will use to spray paint a galaxy. These all tools are required to do the complete job so collect these from paint shops or nearby hardware stores.

  • Mask for protection
  • Spray paints for the project
  • Poster boards also required to do painting
  • Use the glossy side for painting
  • Use round-shaped objects like cans, lids, and plastics pots, of various sizes
  • A raised hollow side
  • Magazine cover or small piece of thick paper
  • For stencil making use cardboard
  • Gloves for protection of hands

Make spiral galaxy

I used an oval stencil to create the galaxy and made sure that I created a dark background on half of the painting.

Then, I added 3 cut-out oval stencils from larger to smaller sizes.

Next, I raised them up about 1″ to 2″ above my surface and painted the center of the galaxy from yellow to pink to white.

making spiral galaxy with spray paint

Cut out a few nearby star forms on cardboard and use the stencil method to paint them in your favorite colors.

We recommend using the raised stencil technique, rather than the traditional flat one, as it gives you a lot more control and allows you to avoid ending up with something that looks like this.

Making of planets

It’s important to consider the position of the planets, especially if you plan to paint a big mural. Before we put any paint down on the wall though, we first spray black paint to mark where we think the planets will be.

We do this because it helps us find a balanced composition with all 12 planets before starting work.

To start with, you need to have an idea of the number of planets you’re going to be drawing. It will depend on the level of complexity, but we find that three planets or more make for a nice decoration.

Choose whichever colors best reflect your vision for the project and arrange them in the order you feel is best.

Start off with blue because it contrasts most strongly with pink and yellow. From there, use green for the next layer in order to create some variety before wrapping up by using black as the outermost layer of shading.

You can always go from light to dark if you want something that’s a little less bold.

While the paint is wet, crumple up a bit of old newspaper and press it onto the area where you are painting one of your planets.

Use your fingers to gently mess up the sides of your paper so that they’ve covered in a light layer of paint but not soaked through.

Carefully lift the newsprint from the planet’s surface and voila – a realistic space painting for all to see.

If the color scheme of your painting is not going to be very complicated, you can use the same color scheme for the areas of stars (see bonus tip below) around your other planets.

If not, make sure that in any case, a harmony still exists between all of them. Listening to music while painting could help your decision-making process.

After all, the planets are painted and everything else is covered with paint cans and lids (see bonus step below), we will cover our canvas with a layer of foil.

Make of Void and Aurora

To begin this painting, start applying dark blue hues from the edge of the page toward the center.

Then fill in your background with some metallic violet and bright lime green. After that, use peacock-blue to add shading to the islands and the white space near the spirals.

Remember not to get too close to your paper if you are using a single-layer misting method because it will ruin your transitions!

For this painting, I wanted to create a subtle blurring effect making it seem as though there is lots of pretty light coming from all the different angles.

So feel free to improvise by adding some additional lights however you like them.

This is the fun part! You’ll need a piece of thick white paper and some good old-fashioned paint.

Take your piece of paper, lay it flat where you would like the first cluster of stars, hold it firmly in place with one hand and spray liberally with white paint.

You want to make sure there’s enough paint on the paper so that when you take your other hand and begin tapping carefully around each star, they leave dents behind!

Stars and comets are made using the Raised Stencil method! To make a star, poke a hole in a piece of cardboard and lift it up at an angle to spray over the small opening.

If you want to make a comet, turn your aerosol can upside down so the nozzle is facing toward your direction, lightly tap the bottom of the can, and give a quick spray.

Easy! One last tip – it’s easier to get an even coat if you hold your stencil perpendicular to your design rather than holding it at an angle.


There are three common ways to paint a space scene with spray paint: 1. Painting the space above a dark colored background. 2. Painting a dark blue background and then painting light blue stars above it. 3. The trickiest method, painting a black hole with a flashlight and then spray painting with different colors in front of it.

Make sure there are paints of black/dark blue, white and silver colors. Also be sure to have plenty of bright colors that can match (i.e. pink, purple, blue or red, orange, yellow, green) so as to not make your entertainer’s background seem dull while they’re working. One way to create a setup like this is by using a large canvas for the backdrop to base the painting on and then placing smaller paint palettes around it.

The first and foremost rule of painting planets is to select the right color of the lights. You can’t just grab a random color from the rainbow box and call it a planet. There are two methods to select a color, one is to paint the light from the sun or the moon, or you can paint it from the atmosphere of the planet. The second method is less accurate, but it will render an illusion to the eyes. The first method, as mentioned above is more accurate, will give you a better result, but is time consuming. Also, you have to be careful, as there are some things to keep in mind while choosing the color. If the atmosphere is pure white, the planet will appear blue. On the other hand, if the atmosphere is really thick and has heavy particles, the planet will appear orange or red. This method is also helpful in choosing the right color to paint the clouds.

Nebula painting is a great way to bring out your creativity and to practice painting skills. Here are some tips to make a nebula painting. Nebula is a lighted patch in the night sky thousands of light years away from earth. It looks like a bright cloud on a starry night. Nebula comes in all shapes and sizes. A nebula painting is a piece of art that represents the beauty of the nebula. Start painting your nebula painting with a pencil. It will not matter if you make a few mistakes, since you can always paint over the wrong lines later. Tip 1: First draw curvy lines, which are the background of your nebula, they will be the brighter parts of the painting. Tip 2: Paint a black cloud or a dark nebula on top of the background lines you drew earlier. Tip 3: Use white and light blue to highlight the cloud. Tip 4: Use dark blue to paint the ridges, clouds and stars on the black cloud you drew earlier. Tip 5: Next you can add some other colors to your painting to make it look even better. Tip 6: Finally, you can use the eraser and fix any lines you do not like. Now you have your very own nebula painting.


So, this is the complete guide that I have written to help you guys in making galaxy with spray paint cans.

This guide is a step-by-step process so you won’t be confused in any step because I have used easy terms so amateurs can also understand what to do.

Even after reading this post if you have any queries then comment on your question then I will make sure the questions get answered quickly.

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