How to spray paint a box

spray painting box

Cardboard is all around us, and it’s a great alternative medium to work with. When you think of painting cardboard, spray paints and splatter paints are usually the kinds of paints you’re thinking of. You’re probably wondering how to paint cardboard with that old paint that’s dried on the lid, too. This step by step … Read more

How to spray paint trim

spray paint trims

Trim painting is among the most common painting tasks that homeowners undertake, right along with walls and cabinets. Painting your trim can completely change the look and feel of a room, it can brighten the space or make it more elegant. Trim work is probably one of the most frustrating parts of painting. Stain can … Read more

How to spray paint a refrigerator

spray paint refrigerator

In this guide today, you will learn the complete procedure for spray painting refrigerator at home with shiny finish without any mess. This guide is very easy to apply able on refrigerator without any issue and it is tested and analyzed by my professional painter friends and they were amazed to see the results after … Read more