How long until spray paint dries

Here is the complete knowledge and information regarding spray paints. About their working and other stuff which I will discuss in this post. Here in this post, I will explain the drying time for different paint types.

Even though you’re able to adhere to paint the next day, it can take up to a few days for your paint job to fully dry.

drying time of spray paints

That is why you shouldn’t walk on your deck too soon, as the paint is still wet – this can damage the newly painted surface.

Again, if your project has important deadlines or you need something done fast, work with an experienced contractor who will get the job done quickly!

To help you have a little more control over spray painting, we have some tips for you to consider while planning out different projects.

Let’s get started and I will explain each and everything which I have in my mind. According to my experience, I will also add information in this post that I am sure will help you one way or the other.

Depending on which surface you are painting

The drying time varies greatly, depending on the surface you’re painting. Some options can be dry to the touch in just a few minutes while other surfaces might take hours or even days to cure.

Generally speaking, if you are in a pinch, think of surfaces that are similar to Teflon. Generally, they will dry faster.

These include some of the more modern surfaces such as tile, laminates, and some man-made stone options like Corian or Quartzite.

We estimate that these will take anywhere from 5-10% longer than smooth tiles with no grout lines. In addition, the more porous a tile is, the less likely it is to be slip-proof.

“Porous” means anything with little shelves or ridges which collect water over time like travertine or brick. Nonporous options include granite (smooth and rustic), marmorino (in between random grits and smoother surface), and marble (honeycomb or gloss).

Here are some surfaces with their drying time that I experienced while my painting career. Hope this helps you. You might take a look at fixing of uneven paint if you faced it in your life ever.


The drying time of spray paint for metal surfaces depends on whether the surface is smooth or rough. A rough surface abrades the paint and allows it to dry quickly.

However, a smooth surface requires the paint to dry by evaporation. The great thing about metal surfaces is that they are conductive, and the metal leads to heat loss.

This makes the paint dry faster. Normally, it would take 20 minutes to an hour.

Plastic surface drying time

Spray paint on plastic can dry in a matter of minutes.  When applying spray paint to plastics, there are two key factors to consider.

First, your plastic needs to be clean. Second, you need to apply two coats.  Scuff sanding is recommended.  You should avoid high-pressure washing, as it can ruin your finish.  

If you’re applying spray paint to a shiny plastic surface, you can reduce the amount of primer and top coat by using enamel paint. The spray paint will need to be applied in a well-ventilated area.  

Applying too much paint at one time can result in drips and runs.  Feel free to repaint your project, even if it isn’t fully dry.

If you notice paint that hasn’t been set, use a hair dryer to speed up the process.  You can also use a heat gun to speed the process up, but make sure to use it on a low setting.

Once the paint has completely hardened, it can be touched up or polished to give it a shine.  Your spray paint will last longer if you apply two or three coats.

Wooden surface

That depends on the paint you are using and the sort of surface you are applying it to, as well as weather conditions.

In general, oil-based paints take longer to dry than latex ones, and paints for use on exterior surfaces can take longer to dry than those for indoor ones.

In general, thicker paints take longer to dry than thin ones, and the time taken for the paint to dry depends on the humidity in the air.

In general, the best way to tell if the paint has fully dried is to touch it. If it feels tacky or sticky then it needs to dry further. If it feels completely dry then it is probably fully dried.

different types of paint drying time


It takes around three minutes to dry for a cardboard surface, which is around the same time paint dries on a wall. Spray paint is not wet when applied to the surface.

There are many factors that cause the paint to dry. The volume of the can and the temperature of the environment. If the surface is warm and there’s enough paint in the can, the paint dries quickly.


Spray-painting on the Glass surface dries in about 10 minutes or so. You can touch it after about 5 minutes, but it will still be a bit sticky.

As a precaution, don’t touch it for at least 20 minutes. If you use the paint often, try to get a good quality spray paint.

Rubber time for drying of spray paint

Well, it depends on the thickness of the paint and also on how long you keep it on the surface. If you spray a thin layer of paint, it will take only a few minutes to dry.

If you apply a thick layer, it can take hours to dry. The good news is that a thick layer will be harder to remove.

Stages of dryness

Paints have stages of drying as you also know. The time to completely dry may vary for different surfaces. Thorough dry time or hard dry time can vary for different surfaces.

First comes surface dry

In this, the solvent of paint is evaporated and a thin layer of surface paint will be seen in the eyes. The paint layer is sticky in this stage.

Now comes touch dry

In this stage of drying the layer of paint can be touched and it won’t stick to your fingers if pressed gently. If pressed with a little force then it might start to stick on your fingers. So I would suggest you be careful in this stage too as before.

Hard dry

As the name says, the paint is dried completely according to its liquid state. But if you press then fingerprints might be printed on the paint. The paint is not sticky but fingerprints can be seen on the surface is pressed.

Thorough dry

Now in this stage, you can touch and can apply desired pressure on the paint surface. The job was done well completely.


Spray paint should be allowed to dry in a well-ventilated area. Leaving the can open will also allow the paint to dry faster. It also depends on the type of spray paint that you are using. There are spray paints that are made for indoor use and there are others for outdoor use. You should also ask for advice from the professionals who sold you the paint.

Usually, the paint should dry up well before applying another coat. For example, if you are using spray can, then you should wait for around 3 hours before applying next coat. Generally, most of the paint cans should have instruction on the label. If it doesn’t have any instruction then you should wait for around 2 hours before applying next coat.

Rust-Oleum sprays air dry in 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature and the amount applied. The specific product you are using has an application temperature range of 25 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that you should be able to spray at temperatures below 25 degrees without issue. You will want to avoid temperatures over 90 degrees, however, because the paint can begin to dry before it is fully applied.

I would spray in a well-ventilated area that is far away from any open flame or propane sources. A spot with good circulation is a must, whether it is outside on a windy day or in front of a box fan. To avoid drips, you can tape around the edges of the surface with blue painter’s tape.

I would advise you not to leave your paint in the airless sprayer overnight, as you will have paint drying in all the air fittings of your sprayer that you would have to clean off before you use it again. Always empty your sprayer of any leftover paint at the end of the day, or while the paint is still fresh. You can pour it into a steel pot and leave it out overnight or use a paint tray and leave it to dry.

No, you don’t have to let the previous coat of paint dry before painting another coat. You can paint even if the paint is still moist. If done properly, it’s even possible to paint over the moist paint. However, if you are painting, you must first sand down any high spots that are left after the first coat of painting, be sure you have even paint, and make sure you have a high quality paint brush.


In this post, I have shared my experience and all the knowledge which I had in my mind regarding the drying time of different types of surfaces.

This guide will be really helpful for newbies. They can know how much time the surface which they have painted with their sprayer will take to hard dry or thorough dry completely

Spraying paint is a staple element of modern art culture, and it’s the quickest form of painless painting. Paintings not only serve as interior decoration; they can also be used to coat metal and wood with a splash of color.

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