How long do car wraps last

In this guide I will not only tell you the duration which car wraps last but also the tips to make it last longer than usual time period. And also, I will give some tips from my personal experience which will help you to clean the wraps.

This guide will also cover maintenance of car wraps which will make them last longer because newbies are often confused about this caring part. But don’t worry this guide has everything which a beginner needs to know about car wraps.

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Car wrap is a very good option to get your brand out there, but to make them last longer on car you need to know how to take care of it and to give it some respect.

There is a lot going on while they are being installed and they need to be handled carefully. This guide will discuss the pros and cons of car wraps and how you can make them last longer and be maintenance free.

How long does the car wraps last?

First, we will discuss the main topic for which you have landed on my blog then afterwards I will give the tips to maintain it so it doesn’t dull or look old. So, why wait let’s start together!

A car wrap is a type of advertising that involves covering a vehicle with a vinyl wrap. It is commonly used by businesses as a form of mobile advertisement and often as a form of mobile branding.

The length of time that a car wrap lasts depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the wrap and the material used.

For example, a lower-quality wrap is likely to not last as long as a higher quality one. Similarly, materials such as polyester and vinyl are more durable than some other materials, such as polyurethane.

Shorter-term car wraps will typically last anywhere from one to three years, though longer-term ones could last for as long as five years or more.

Extend the lifespan of car wraps

The lifespan of a car wrap is a pretty interesting topic. I’ve seen some type of film last as little as one year on a vehicle and I’ve also seen some vehicles that are 10 years old and their wrap film is still in amazing shape.

The reality of the matter is that it’s really going to depend on where the vehicle is parked, how many times the vehicle is washed and what type of wrap material was used.

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To begin with, it’s always good practice to use a high-quality wrap film for any type of vehicle wrap.

You may pay a little bit more for the film, but it will be worth it in the long run because chances are it will last longer than lesser quality wrap films.

How we can clean car wraps?

It is said that car wraps are the most effective marketing method for businesses. After spending a lot of money for promotion, the car wraps often get dirty and may need to be cleaned.

Before washing car wraps, the wrap should be protected with an appropriate wrap protection product. The most effective way to clean car wraps is to wash the car wraps with a soft sponge or cloth and plain water.

After cleaning the wraps, they can be dried up by air. If the wraps get dirty, they can be cleaned by a mild soap solution.

The wraps must be rinsed before drying them up with a soft cloth. The wraps should be dried in the shade because direct sunlight can cause discoloration of the wraps.

Can we pressure wash car wraps?

Yes, you can pressure wash car wraps. But before you decide to go ahead and do it, you should ask yourself the question “does it really make a difference?”

Here’s the thing: Car wraps are made to be UV resistant. This means that they are not going to be damaged by sun exposure.

You can basically leave them out in the sun 24/7, they won’t get damaged.  However, this also means that they will not be damaged by pressure washing, or car washes.

So, while it is possible to pressure wash your car wraps, it’s not going to make a difference.

When to change car wraps?

There are several signs to indicate when you should change your car wrap, but one of the best signs is when your car wrap doesn’t attract the attention it did before.

When there is a substantial decrease in the number of people who stop to look at your car wrap and inquire about it, you definitely need to change it.

Another sign is when your car wrap is starting to look old and tired. People who regularly stop to look at your car wrap will notice when the wrap is starting to look worn around the edges and corners, and they might even try to scrape off the old wrap, which is both upsetting and damaging.

Even if you like the message your car wrap is conveying, you should consider changing it if it is wearing off, peeling, or cracked.

Should we go for paint job or vinyl wraps?

It all depends on your budget, car and your personal taste. A paint job gives you a permanent solution and enjoyment of a new look of your car. This is beneficial if your car is old and needs a complete makeover.  

Paint job is usually expensive and might cost you as much as $5,000 depending on the size of your car and complexity of the job. On the other hand, vinyl wrap is cheap, but the result may be less durable.

A part of your car will look dull after some time, and would need to be replaced. If you have the money, I would advise you to go for both, Paint job and vinyl wrap.

Are their any disadvantages of car wraps?

First of all, a paint job is permanent. A car wrap is only for temporary use. If you want to change your car color, you need to ask the wrap company to remove it for you.

However, unlike a paint job, car wraps are inexpensive. Another problem is that paint jobs are permanent.

Car wraps may not be. Car wraps fade out or may get damaged over time. That’s why car wrap companies usually give you a warranty of a year or two.


Car wraps are worn out over time. The wear and tear depends on your environment and how you use your car. For instance, if you are constantly driving on the highway and going through some rough terrains, it can easily cause the vehicle wrap to scratch. However, if you just go to and fro office, your vehicle wrap will not be as durable as someone’s who drives in rough terrains every day. In addition, if you don’t take care of your car wrap, it will definitely show signs of wear and tear a lot faster. For example, if you don’t clean your car frequently, the car wrap will get dirty and may cause the wrap to scratch. It is recommended to clean your car frequently to keep the vehicle wrap in good condition.

If a good quality car wrap has been properly installed, then it is highly unlikely that the sun will cause any damage. The sun can cause discoloration to the images on a car wrap, but if done correctly, the wrap with discolor or even fade, as long as you maintain it properly.

It is best to store the vehicle in a garage where it stays dry and safe. If you are parked outside, always remember to lock your door. Also, try to avoid keeping it in a dark, humid parking lot. It’s suggested to park in a shaded area. Make sure that you are covering your car every night. You can use an expensive car cover or buy an ordinary tarp. If you have pets, make sure they cannot chew on the car. It is best to wash the vehicle once in a week and spray the inside of the windows with water and squeegee it out.

Wraps are known to chip easily if they are not installed properly or if they are not of a good quality. The wraps are made of vinyl or PVC material and are coated with a thin layer of paint. Hence, the paint tends to chip off with stones and other hard objects. If the wraps are properly installed, then the car wrap will not chip off easily.

Yes you can fix scratches on a wrap . It is a pretty common problem and is usually not a big deal if you follow a few simple steps. The first thing you need to do is decide if the scratch is deep enough to warrant a proper touch up. If the scratch is the outline of a key or coin for example it may be too deep. If you can see the reflection of light off the bottom of the scratch it may be too deep as well. You can always have a professional take a look if you have any doubt. The next step is to make sure that your paint is protected. You can do this by applying a layer of wax. This will keep your paint in good condition as you work on the scratches. If you have a scratch that is not deep, or you have waxed the car and the scratches are still visible, you can use a product like Color Oops. This will color the scratch and blend it into the surrounding paint. Simply apply it with a soft cloth and buff it until it is completely gone. This should take about one hour. After you have buffed it out with a clean dry microfiber cloth you can wax the car again to protect the paint.

Yes, you can buff a vinyl wrap. It all depends on the thickness of the vinyl wrap, the strength of its adhesive, and the characteristics of the surface underneath (paint/wet sand, etc.).  Buffing can help to get rid of small scratches and imperfections in the surface underneath, but that is not the norm. The most common buffing practices are something such as a cutting compound or a polishing compound, which are used to polish the clear coat layer on your car’s body. Most painted panels will be handled with a cutting compound, and the buffed vinyl. These buffing compounds gently polish the paint without removing any material.  Most of the time, if you have a vinyl wrap professionally installed, it will not be easy to buff out because the vinyl has been applied over an epoxy primer. This, combined with the strength of the vinyl adhesive, will make buffing extremely difficult and not worth the effort.  If you are interested in buffing your vinyl, do some research on it first to determine if it is something you can do.

Yes, it is possible to polish cars that have been wrapped. Clean the car first, then use a good quality polish and polish cloth. Take your time and don’t force the polish into the paint. Remember that the paint is thinner on the wrapped area so you may need to polish for a little longer than you normally would.

Final thoughts

As you can see, it is important to make sure you are using the correct car wrap for your vehicle. The company you choose to apply the material to your car also matters. With this in mind, it is best for you to hire a professional company to install the car wrap for you. Contact us today for more information about car wraps. We will be very happy to help you out 😊

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