How to get spray paint off phone screen

Here their fellas! I have come up with a new fix in this post I will teach you guys the method to remove spray paint from your mobile phone screens.

When doing projects for their own or of their clients, it is quite often for newcomers that they don’t care for their mobile and during work spray paint drops on the screen and they get scared whether this paint stain will remove from the phone screen or not. If you are looking for cheap paint sprayers then I have used and reviewed the best ones.

removing spray paint from mobile screen

Well, don’t worry about it because I have some solution which can be used and the mobile will not be damaged nor the screen itself. I have written a guide on the best cordless paint sprayers on the market and have tested and reviewed the most useful sprayers.

I have also used best HVLP paint sprayers in market and reviewed them in my blog. And also I have used best spray guns for cars surface in this blog you can also check those if you are interested in it.

So just follow the guide properly and apply the methods. These methods can be used for any other screen e.g. for laptop screens, tablets, or computer screens.

Paint is capable of sticking to a lot of different surfaces, including plastics, wood, and even your touchscreen computer.

When painting an object too close to the device, you’ll likely generate overspray or excess droplets of paint on your touchscreen. The quick-drying nature of this paint means that it dries quickly on your LCD screen.

You want to remove the paint without hard chemicals or abrasive cleaners – because if those are used they can scratch up the display or leave behind residue coating.

Once you’ve removed all evidence of the paint from the touch area, you need to clean up any remaining fingerprints with a non-abrasive cloth. You can use these methods to remove spray paint from tires also.

Step 1: Turning the phone screen off

Turn off your device whether it is a mobile, computer or laptop etc.

Step 2: Pouring isopropyl on the phone screen surface

Pour three tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol into a bowl. Put on a pair of latex gloves to keep your hands clean and dry while you work. You can buy isopropyl alcohol at drug, hardware, and home improvement stores.

Step 3: Precautions to get spray paint off the phone screen

Make sure to keep the glass surface of your touchscreen free of lotion and fingerprints by gently wiping it down on a regular basis with isopropyl alcohol, which you can purchase at any drugstore. Remove paint from vinyl floor using this guide.

In cases where hard-to-remove water droplets or other foreign bodies are present, the second layer of isopropyl alcohol will help you wipe them clean.

Step 4: Use dishwashing for phone screen paint

Put three-quarters of a cup of mild dishwashing soap and 3 cups of warm water into the pot. Stir until the mixture is well combined.

Step 5: Use a nonabrasive cloth on the phone screen

You should wet an already-used nonabrasive cloth in the mixture, wring out the excess liquid and wipe your touchscreen monitor.

Step 6: Use warm water on the phone screen

To clean the touchscreen, first, dampen the cloth with warm water and wipe off the excess liquid. Following this, wipe down the screen with a second clean portion of the cloth to ensure any dirt or grime is removed.

Step 7: Drying phone screen after removing spray paint

Dry your touchscreen computer screen with a clean, non-abrasive cloth. Avoid abrasive materials such as paper or rags so as not to scratch or damage the screen.

removing spray paint from mobile phone screen

Use a kitchen scrubber

Soak a kitchen scrubber in the cleaning solution and prepare to give your computer monitor a good scrub! To make it easier to scrub the paint off, let one side of your monitor sit on top of the old rags you were using while you expunge paint from the other side.

If this cleaning agent doesn’t do the trick, try going straight to rubbing alcohol next. It’s bound to be more effective than soap and water.

Using paint stripper

For the sake of your sanity and because the paint on a screen is one of the biggest nuisances you can imagine, please use a paint stripper as a last resort, unless it concerns protecting the integrity of the room you are in or something else similarly important to keep in mind when trying to remove paint from a screen.

Test it on an area that doesn’t matter first (like the bottom) if you aren’t sure what will happen when you start taking off that nasty paint.

Get some stripper, spread it around with a brush, leave it there for about five minutes, then wash away with a garden hose. Then use a clean rag to wipe anything left behind by both stripper and paint residue away.


Wipe the surface of your iPhone with a soft cloth that has a little detergent on it. Use a toothpick to get rid of any paint that has stuck to the screen itself. You will have to wipe it off gently and make sure that the screen is clean, otherwise, you might mess it up! If the paint is on the case of your phone, try soaking a cloth in diluted alcohol, and use it to wipe off the paint. This will clean the phone without damaging the material.

There are several factors that will determine how well you are able to remove the spray paint from your phone case and not just the material of the paint. The biggest factor, however, is the material of the case and whether or not the paint adheres to it. Similar to a soda that has sugar in it will stick to a candy bowl but not to a piece of paper, the same concept goes with the spray paint. If the phone case is porous enough the spray paint will stick to it and it will be very difficult to remove. If the case is non-porous the paint may not adhere to it and it will be pretty easy to remove. The best method for removing the spray paint from your phone case will be to spray vinegar or nail polish remover onto the paint. This will cause it to dry and then it can be peeled off.

The best way is probably to use toothpaste. Apply toothpaste to the Airpods and ensure that the area is totally covered. Let it sit for an hour. Rinse it with water and remove the toothpaste with a 3M brush. Repeat the process if it’s not completely removed. Another way is to use a bit of nail polish remover. Apply it to the Airpods and let it sit for a few minutes. Scrub them with a toothbrush and clean them with a cloth. You may have to repeat the process until it’s completely clean.

To get spray paint off a charger, sand it down with some rough sandpaper. I used to do this every day with my ex Mini, however, I only had the wheels done, not the bodywork, so it didn’t really matter. To get spray paint off the bodywork, sand it off, use a car scraper to get it off quickly, then use some wax and grease remover spray to get all the spray paint off. If you can’t get it all off, keep it there, it won’t affect the car. Just make sure to wash your car.

I think it’s the only way to use toothpaste. Just add toothpaste to a microfiber cloth and scrub the parts of your watch which have been sprayed (for a couple of minutes). Then wash off the excess toothpaste with water. If you’re lucky, it will come right off. It’s worth a try!


The complete guide to getting spray paint off from your phone screens and other screens just follow this guide and remove spray paint from your desired surface which you have sprayed accidentally.

Newbies should ask questions if they have any in their minds so that I can clear out their confusion from my experience. This guide covered everything you need to get spray paint off the phone screen.

Follow this complete guide and apply all the steps given in this guide because it is recommended for newbies to follow each step.

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