How to spray paint abs plastic

How to spray paint abs plastic

When you’re making products using abs plastic, one of the most important things to get right is this surface. It can be tempting to save money and avoid spending too much time and money on painting the surface of abs plastic. However, if you don’t know how to paint abs plastic, then you could end … Read more

How to paint jet ski

painting jet ski

Riding a jet ski could be one of the most pleasurable toys that you can own. It’s a perfect way to enjoy the water and it’s a great form of exercise. But for it to be fun, you need to make sure that it is tuned and running in tip-top condition. In fact, jet ski … Read more

How to stencil with a paint sprayer

Stencil with a paint gun

Stenciling a design on your home can give it personality and character, whether you chose to stencil the front of your house or even a window, the results can be quite stunning. Some may think that it requires expensive devices and expert abilities — but it’s not true at all! Stenciling has been around for … Read more

Wagner Flexio 890

Wagner Flexio 890 review

The Wagner FlexiO 890 paint sprayer is designed to provide you with a superior finish on furniture walls ceilings cabinets trim and more. It comes with a list of features and after testing those out I was satisfied with its price and the result it gave me. I have tried and tested its features and … Read more